The Italian bob is the ultra-flattering cut that you’re about to see everywhere

“That’s the catchline of our ‘60s Italian bob,” Nick continues. “Regardless of hair texture, age or abundance, it just seems to work. We loved the soft glamour and volume the ‘60s icons had with their hair. It wasn’t over-the-top ‘80s rock, and it wasn’t coiffured ‘40s stiffness. It’s the reason Pinterest has so many hair inspo pics of Barbara Bouchet, Jane Birkin, Goldie Hawn, Francois Hardy and Marsha Hunt,” Nick explains. “It was an era of beautiful-without-beauty-garish beauty.”

And the ‘60s supers aren’t the only stans of the cut. Celeb fans, like Kaia Gerber have boosted the cuts popularity, swerving rebel haircuts for a touch of soft glam with beautifully conditioned, freshly cut hair. The trick is to not overdo the styling and leave the shape to shine without beachy waves or obvious effort.

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“We love the hair being worn natural, though we appreciate an occasional blow dry,” says Nick. “The idea of forever putting down your heat tools in favour of non-sulphate shampoos and hair plopping towels can be intimidating at best. That’s why people love this cut. We want you to feel confident leaving it natural 3-4 days of the week, then by all means, at the weekend have a blow dry. It will look amazing.”

It means, despite its upmarket glossy finish, the Italian bob is remarkably easier to style. “The beauty of this haircut is its versatility. The heaviness allows for that Parisian air dried feel when left natural, but you can put a brush through it for a nod to classic 60’s glamour,” explains Sean. “The Italian Bob has that French tousled muse feel when air-dried with a little sugar spray added in (perfect for staying in bed as long as possible),” he says. But when you want something a litte more glam, “add in some mousse and run a round brush through it in big sections. Take the nozzle of the hairdryer and give it a blast upside down – and add some hairspray while you’re there. Flip it back and you’ll have a bob with all the volume, movement and romance of that classic ’60s look,” says Sean.

And speaking of hair flips, it looks fab no matter which way you part it. “The Italian bob can be thrown into any parting with equal effect and to gain the second day volume we all love,” Sean adds.

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You can personalise it to you with the styling, too. Little tweaks can enhance the style, while making it more practical. “Wear it in the middle to frame your cheekbones, or tuck it behind your ears when hunched over a zoom call,” says Nick.

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Stylish and super duper wearable… Where do we sign up?

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