8 Of The Best Buffets In London To Tuck Into

Buffets are a great way to try different cuisines from all over the world and try a variety of dishes all in one go. Whether it’s Brazilian, Korean or Indian food you’re after, there are plenty of buffets in London for you to try. They all serve delicious food, have great atmospheres, and are pretty wallet-friendly. What’s not to love?

1. Golden Buffet

If you love Chinese food or would like to try it, Golden Buffet is the place to go. Two of the best things about this place are that it’s cosy and very affordable, and the quality of the food is pretty outstanding here too. A family-run spot, it offers takeaways too if you’re in a rush, and the couple who run the place are very personable and kind.

Golden Buffet offers one of the best buffets in London, and we promise it will not disappoint you.

You’ll find Golden Buffet at 131-133 High Cross Road, London, N17 9NU. Nearest station is Tottenham Hale. 

2. Royal Nawaab London

Royal Nawaab London is a five-star restaurant that has an amazing atmosphere. It’s elegant yet comfortable, and the food is pretty much to die for. Their ultimate goal is to make you a returning customer by feeding you delicious Indian and Pakistani dishes and offering unparalleled service too. Their restaurant has a gorgeous dining room, where you will enjoy not only the beautiful decoration but also their food too.

Their authentic and traditional food is created with the freshest ingredients and to the highest of standards. They pride themselves on abiding by halal law and sourcing their ingredients carefully so that they can ensure that none of the food they serve is haram.

You will find Royal Nawaab London at Hoover Building 7, Western Ave, London, UB6 8DB. Nearest station is Perivale. 

3. Preto Victoria

Preto Victoria offers absolutely stunning Brazilian food at their buffets in London. Their restaurant has a contemporary and relaxed atmosphere that will make you feel comfortable as you enjoy their food. Served by their specially trained passadors, their specially prepared meats are brought to your table and carved tableside. It’s fun, every flavour is amazing, so you’ll definitely want to visit more than once.

Preto Victoria creates all dishes with the freshest produce. They take their food and your enjoyment very seriously. The restaurant is colourful and welcoming. You are served unlimited meat and unlimited sides. Despite their amazing meats, they also have a variety of vegetarian options available. So no matter your preferences, you will find something that suits you and your dietary needs. This beloved spot is also a must-visit for parents because your kids eat for free! This place is perfect for family outings and will create a cherished memory. You should definitely check them out.

You will find Preto Victoria at 72-73 Wilton Road, London, SW1V 1DE. Nearest station is Victoria. 

4. Indian Veg

Indian Veg will impress you with its incredible vegetarian food. Not only is the food absolutely amazing, but it is also affordable. They have an all-you-can-eat-style buffet for jaw-dropping prices. So if you’re a student or just want some genuinely good food, you’ll want to visit Indian Veg. All of their options are clearly labelled, and most of their foods are vegan, so no matter what, you will find delicious options. They also have gluten-free options, so if that sounds like it is up your alley, then you’ll want to give them a go.

Most customers report going back for seconds and thirds because the food is just that amazing. They offer one of the best choices for all you can eat in London. The relaxed atmosphere is characterised by their café ambience and fun decor. You can even bring your own drinks too! If you’re after fresh vegetarian food and enjoy Indian cuisine, look no further.

You will find Indian Veg at 92-93 Chapel Market, London, N1 9EX. Nearest station is Angel. 

5. JUMAK 39

JUMAK 39 is a Korean and Japanese restaurant. They offer authentic Korean BBQ as well as sushi. With all kinds of delicious options, the two areas of JUMAK 39 is an amazing restaurant to go to.

Their ground floor has a casual dining vibe, perfect for families, colleagues and friends to enjoy lunch or dinner. They also have a basement which has been transformed into a cool pocha (Korean pub) where you can relax with your mates. Sounds pretty cool, right? We think so too. The vibe is unlike anything else you will find in London. JUMAK 39 is known for their well-seasoned meats and unlimited side dish options. This unlimited buffet will satisfy you no end. Make a reservation and try them out!

You will find JUMAK 39 at: 39 Panton Street, London, SW1Y 4EA. Nearest station is Leicester Square. 

6. Sushi Cafe

The extremely-talented chefs at Sushi Cafe aim to provide their customers with incredible sushi combinations. The aim here is to try and range of different combinations, and they’ll make them for you happily. Their buffet menu includes more than fifty dishes, and all the dishes here are freshly prepared – and you can have as many as you would like too! What’s not to love hey?

On top of all the great grub, they’ve got a really cosy atmosphere, which is ideal for dinners with friends or super fun dates. Note that it’s very popular, so we recommend that you make a reservation.

You will find Sushi Cafe at 555 Battersea Park Road, London, SW11 3BL. Nearest station is Clapham Junction. 

7. Rodizio Rico

Rodizio Rico serves amazing Brazilian street foods, and they’re famous for their authentic and traditional churrascaria. They have a great selection of sides to choose from that are extremely delicious. They are known for their amazing meat options that are directly delivered to your table from their charcoal grills by their experienced passadors. You will find them going from table to table with all sorts of different melt-in-your-mouth meat options, so whatever you’re looking for, you’re bound to find it here!

It’s a carnivore’s dream here, as you’ll be able to have as much meat as you like. There are three different locations, and each location has a welcoming and lovely atmosphere.

You’ll find Rodizio Rico at the O2, Greenwich Peninsula, London, SE10 0DX. Nearest station is North Greenwich. 

8. Tierra Peru

Rounding off this buffets in London roundup is Tierra Peru, whose authentic Sunday buffet is not one you want to miss out on. They specialise in Peruvian cuisine, offering classic dishes that will transport you all the way west to the beautiful country of Peru. 

The owner is known for his welcoming disposition, and he and his team have ensured that the atmosphere at Tierra Peru is as comfortable as possible. They import drinks which you can only find in Peru – including Pisco of course – so you’re truly going to have an authentic experience while you’re here. It’s also very affordable, so is good for the old wallet too!

You’ll find Tierra Peru at 164 Essex Road Islington, London, N1 8LY. Nearest station is Essex Road. 

So, there you have it. A list of some of the best buffets in London. We hope you visit some of them and enjoy them as much as their regular customers do!