A Tube Strike Will Affect The London Underground And Overground Network Next Week

A strike across the Tube network is set to go ahead next Friday (August 19) with industrial action by the RMT affecting the lines. Another strike by Arriva Rail London is also set to hit the London Overground network on the same day.

The dispute between the RMT Union and TfL is over pensions and jobs, and the London Overground strike by Arriva Rail is over pay.

Man getting on the Tube
Image: Chaz Bharj, Shutterstock

The RMT have said they are walking out over TfL’s failure to assure a position on jobs, pensions and working conditions, giving them until August 2 to provide clarity. No agreement was reached and RMT feared that 600 jobs could be lost in the new plans, though the rail network have said jobs would be safe.

Around 10,000 workers on the Tube and 400 on the London Overground are expected to walk out on August 19 for 24-hours.

This comes in between strike action on August 18 and August 20 across Network Rail and 14 other train operators across the country, with both members of the RMT and Transport Salaried Staffs’ Association.