You Can Nab A Drool-Worthy And Free Burger At The Southbank Tomorrow

Often, you’ll hear people say “there’s no such thing as a free lunch”. Bah! These fools have clearly never come across a delicious offer from Moving Mountains, the plant-based meat organisation giving out free burgers in London tomorrow (August 17).

Completely! free! for! the! first! 1,000! people!

Oh, and if you needed more convincing, just look at what you’ll get to munch down on for (last time… for now) absolutely! no! money!

Right, we’ll stop shouting now, but come on – it’s a pretty damn good deal, especially when the burger looks like that. You’ll find the free plant-based burgers at Queen’s Walk at the Southbank tomorrow – just look out for their truck over at Queen’s Walk and then tuck into that beautiful burger.

Moving Mountains are a huge part of the innovating plant-based meat alternatives, and have just undergone a radical rebrand. This big giveaway is celebrating just that, and peckish Londoners on their lunchbreaks or after work can get their hands on ones of these between 11am-8pm.

Tomorrow may be all about the (free!) burgers, but a glance at the Moving Mountains page should assure you that’s just one string to their bow. Anyone on the lookout for inspiration beautiful plant-based scran – think hot dogs, fish and chips in a burger (yep, correct), meatballs, and more – should check the Moving Mountains Instagram and website.

Find Moving Mountains at Queen’s Walk Southbank tomorrow from 11am-8pm doing the Lord’s work and giving out free burgers.