10 Of The Best Spots To Step In The Ring And Go Boxing In London

Are you looking for an intense workout that will test your strength, agility and stamina? If so, then boxing could be the perfect sport for you. It’s a great way to get in shape, and there are plenty of excellent places to feel the thrill of boxing in London where you can really learn the ropes. So, if you’re looking to start boxing, or are just searching for a new gym to try out, we’ve got you covered. Time to step in the ring, work on your jab, cross and hook and unleash your inner champ!

1. 12×3 Boxing

Kicking off this roundup of the best places to go boxing in London is 12×3 Boxing – an authentic boxing gym based right in the heart of East London. Darren Barker and Ryan Pickard have been training as boxers since they were adolescents, so it’s no surprise that their coaching sessions are second-to-none when you’re looking for real expertise to guide your way through this demanding sport.

12×3 is one of the best places you can go for top-level boxing coaching. They don’t just teach classes, they give people everything from personal training sessions and nutrition counselling to dieting advice and everything in between. Their instructors are all former world champions with years of experience in their field under their belts; they’ll show your body how it’s done while teaching skills that will last a lifetime.

You’ll find 12×3 Boxing at 76 Alie Street, Aldgate, E1 8PZ. Nearest station is Aldgate East. 

2. The Manor

The Manor team is a diverse group of professionals from the community who are committed to giving back. They bring their expertise and passion for boxing to the teaching. It’s definitely one of the best boxing gyms in London, with multiple venues available across the city.

The right coach can help you get fit, and they’re here for the long haul with a no fads or gimmicks approach. It may require effort, but it will be worth it once those results start coming through. You’ll get stronger, faster, and more flexible with their training sessions, and the sessions here are built around the pillars of performance training: strength, stamina and power.

You’ll find the various different locations of The Manor on their website.

3. Rathbone Boxing Club

The Rathbone Boxing Club is a community built on the idea that together we can empower one another. They’re here for the sweat, training, and progress that builds confidence one punch at a time.

You’ll feel like a champion when you step through their 16ft boxing ring – it’s double-boarded for an even more professional experience. They work with the best in the industry, and their boxers are trained by Adam Booth, and they’re world-renowned for his guidance on how to be a successful fighter and a great boxer. Their one-on-one personal training sessions will maximise your ability to achieve any goal you have in mind.

You’ll find Rathbone Boxing Club at The Gaslight Building, 29-35 Rathbone Street, W1T 1NJ. Nearest station is Goodge Street.

4. The Ring

The Ring is a world-class boxing gym with a team of professional fighters and fitness enthusiasts who all benefit from the high-level coaches found here. The pictures on their walls respectfully pay homage to great boxers who boxed less than 100 yards away. Re-opened in 2003 by Mark ‘The Burf’ Burford (a professional promoter), this historical landmark continues to live up to such hype as a one-hundred-year young tradition established back in 1910.

They’ve created the program ‘An Introduction to Boxing’, which is a personal training program for clients who have never boxed, where you’ll get your hands wrapped by a professional trainer, do some pad work while learning new moves, and even receive guidance about the gym equipment. Their advisors are always willing to go the extra mile for you. That’s why they never apply a ‘one size fits all’ mentality when advising their clients.

You’ll find The Ring at 69-70 Ewer Street, SE1 0NR. Nearest station is Southwark. 

5. North London Boxing Club

Sedat Sag, Head Coach and owner of the North London Boxing Club, has trained some of the most famous personalities like Turkey’s Olympic Boxing team members, including APB world champion Adem Kilicci. He also trains celebrities like James McAvoy and Denise Van Outen in his gymnasium, and his fast-paced round-robin sessions are well known for producing some excellent boxers.

Come to North London Boxing Club for a personalized, one-on-one or group training experience. You will be put through your paces with our experienced trainers, who have worked wonders in helping people like you achieve their goals. All of them are ABA certified with years of experience working in various levels (beginner through to pro), so you’ll find a routine that works best for you.

You’ll find North London Boxing Club at 4-6 Station Parade, Southgate, N14 5BJ. Nearest station is Southgate. 

6. Fight City Gym

Next up on this boxing in London roundup is Fight City Gym, who offer world-class coaches who will help you achieve your goals in any combat sport, whether professional fighting or just building elite-level strength and conditioning. They have everything a person could need when training, including top-notch equipment and expert coaching from true champions.

Here at Fight City Gym, they have made it their mission to build an MMA empire with a difference. They offer classes that suit anyone from beginners looking for some exercise and fun to professionals who need competitive training on their game-plan – even coaches strive towards becoming qualified.

Fitness doesn’t just happen on an intermittent basis, and it needs strong foundations. The beginner course at Fight City Gym is designed to help newcomers get into fighting shape for pro fight nights.

You’ll find the various different locations of Fight City Gym on their website.

7. 12 Rounds Boxing

At 12 Rounds Boxing, they deliver high-energy workouts with friendly instructors. No matter what level you are at, even if you have never stepped foot into a gym or ring, they’ve got you covered with their signature programme called ‘Boxing Fundamentals’. The programme is tailored specifically toward helping everyone reach their goals faster through technical training and fitness sessions.

In addition to ‘Boxing Fundamentals’ training, they offer bag work sessions designed with both beginners and veterans in mind and their technical skill seminars cover everything from foot mechanics up to bowling drills. You can purchase single sessions or packs (5-50) to use at any time during the week you wish. No surprise then that we had to include them on this best boxing in London roundup.

You’ll find 12 Rounds Boxing at 1 St John’s Hill, SW11 1TN. Nearest station is Clapham Junction. 

8. Stars Gym

You name it, from weights up to 50kg to plate-loaded leg presses, Stars Gym has covered your fitness needs with fully equipped areas – including dumbbells and plenty of space for beginners who want guidance on how things should go down.

Let loose for some fun and fitness with Stars Gym boxing classes. Many classes at Stars Gym will keep your heart rate up while learning boxing, kickboxing, Muay Thai, or MMA from trained professionals.

You’ll find Stars Gym, Battersea at 5, Albion Riverside Building, 8 Hester Road, Battersea, SW11 4AX. Nearest station is Battersea Park.

9. Miguel’s Boxing and Fitness Gym

Our penultimate addition to this boxing in London roundup is Miguel’s Boxing and Fitness Gym. Way more than just a place to work on your physical fitness, it is a great place to meet new friends and people who really share your interests.

It has thrived with a diverse clientele, of every fitness level. They’re not your average London gym. From one-to-one personal training sessions with an experienced boxer to women’s boxing classes, kids’ lessons, or amateur fights on weekends — they offer it all!

You’ll find Miguel’s Boxing and Fitness Gym at Railway Arches, 261-262 Hardees Street, off Herne Hill Road, SE24 0HN. Nearest station is Loughborough Junction. 

10. FighterFit Boxing Gym

Rounding off this boxing in London roundup is the FighterFit Boxing Gym – an East London club that eats, sleeps, and breathes the passion for boxing. Their mission is simple: get you into incredible shape and teach solid self-defence skills while ensuring their members have a fantastic time at their workouts. There will always be something new, so check out the FighterFit boxing class schedule and beginner’s guide now.

In addition to the more general training options, a wide variety of more specialised boxing training programs, including Box-Con are available, all tailored towards you.

You’ll find FighterFit Boxing Gym at 2-4 Rufus Street London, N1 6PE. Nearest station is Old Street.

So there you have it. All of these 10 gyms offer something different, so take your time to explore boxing in London. It’s time to finally check boxing off of your bucket list now.