You Could Nab Cheap Tickets To Harry Potter Or The Lion King For London Theatre Week

If you’re on the hunt for some cheap tickets to the theatre, then it’s your lucky day week. London Theatre Week, to be precise.

Nearly 60 different performances can be enjoyed under deals starting at just £15 to celebrate the occasion, meaning you could be singing Hakuna Matata, witnessing some magical spells, or seeing Marty McFly go to where you don’t need roads at a price that doesn’t break the bank.

Included in this year’s campaign is a plethora of iconic shows, including – *deep breath*Phantom Of The Opera; The Lion King; Mamma Mia; The Lion King; Les Misérables; Back To The Future; Harry Potter and the Cursed Child; Matilda, and many more.

Merritt Baer, co-founder and president of TodayTix Group, said: “We are beyond thrilled by how both audiences and West End shows have responded to the creation of London Theatre Week.

“We are ecstatic at being able to partner with such high-calibre shows to offer compelling, affordable prices on productions that truly prove what’s magical about live theatre.”

“Whether you’re looking for something that’s family-friendly, a splashy musical, or a thought-provoking play, London Theatre Week has something for everyone.”

New to this year’s roster of cheap shows for London Theatre Week are performances of The Lion, The Witch And The Wardrobe, Eureka Day, 2:22 A Ghost Story, and more.

This campaign for London Theatre Week runs from today for two weeks (until September 4), and tickets are available for as little as £15.