Tarte Tartelette Tubing Mascara is going viral on TikTok

When a beauty product blows up on TikTok, you know it’s going to be good. The latest product to go viral? Tarte Tartelette Tubing Mascara – and boy, it is good. The product has gained the attention of some of the social media platforms biggest creators, including Mikayla Nogueira, whose review has over 350,000 views and counting. 

But first things first, what exactly is a tubing mascara and how does it differ from a normal mascara? While most mascaras work by covering lashes in pigment, a tubing mascara wraps a load of micro-fibres (or polymers) around each lash, forming a ‘tube’ of mascara. The result is thicker and longer looking lashes, which are truly smudge-free (the liquid dries to a solid but flexible coating that won’t transfer to the skin). All that is required for removal is a touch of warm water, which ‘relaxes’ the formula, allowing it to literally slide off the lashes and is incredibly satisfying.

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Tartelette Tubing Mascara is Tarte’s first ever attempt at a tubing formula, and claims to offer a full 24-hours of flake-free, smudge-proof wear as well as impressive lengthening. TikTok clearly approves of the claims. “I am yet to try a mascara that is as amazing as this one” said TikTok user Sarah Wolak. “I’m new to that whole world [of tubing mascaras] but I do think it’s changed my life.” 

Sarah goes on to state that she only has to do one very light layer of the Tartelette Mascara in order to get the results she desires. “Guys, if I haven’t convinced you to go and buy this mascara, this is your sign. Go get it!”

Even Mikayla, who admittedly doesn’t like tubing mascaras, seems to be converted. “Tubing mascara has never worked for me, I don’t know why,” she tells her millions of followers. “But I’ve seen so many people rave about this mascara, so I’m going to try it.” 

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“I think the problem with tubing mascaras is that they don’t give a lot of volume, but they do give a lot of length though,” Mikayla explains as she preps her lashes with eyelash curlers. After applying two coats of Tarte Tartelette Tubing Mascara to top and bottom lashes, she seems impressed by the results. “See the length?” she asks her followers. Yep, we see it and we need it. Now. 

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Tubing mascaras are the smudge-free formula that dreams are made of

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