London’s Last 8pm Sunset Of The Year Will Take Place Tonight

The sky has had a rollercoaster of summer in London this year. A heatwave in July saw the highest ever UK temperature recorded, and the one that followed last week wasn’t far off that level. And then we saw some torrential rain, before the conditions changed in the blink of an eye. London, eh?

But one thing that can be accurately told without a hitch is the time the sun will go down each day, and after a beautiful run of long nights in London, today marks the final 8pm sunset of 2022.

London sunset again
Image: stocker1970, Shutterstock

Yes, since April 17 (thanks to the glorious power of Daylight Savings), we’ve basked in the glow of the London sun after 8pm every day, but, on August 26 that finally comes to an end.

According to data from Time and Date, the sun will go down at 2000 hours next Friday, before calling it a night at the frankly ridiculous hour of 7:58pm the following evening (August 27). Couldn’t quite make it through the bank holiday weekend in London, but I guess we can let it off.

When will the next 8pm sunset in London be? Well, I’d advise looking away from the screen now. You’ll have to wait until April 17, 2023, so be sure to make use of these sweet, sweet 11 days of late sunsets. After all, sunsets have technically been getting earlier since the end of June, but this feels like the first reality check of the shorter days we have to look forward to in the latter part of 2022 (and indeed, the beginning of 2023).

Despite the days getting shorter, we do have that aforementioned bank holiday to look forward to (best weekend of the year, without a doubt) and temperatures are set to hover around a toasty 24°C over the bank holiday, so it’s not all bad. And hey, Autumn doesn’t officially begin until late-September, so let’s kick back and enjoy the rest of summer, shall we?