25 Best Indoor Plants: Low-Maintenance House Plants for Your Home

But we know what you’re thinking: it’s all well and good adding a fern to your bedside table or a cactus to the coffee table… but how the HELL are you supposed to keep it alive – especially now we’re allowed to socialise and have a pretty full calendar? Between hot weather and sporadic showers, even the most committed ‘plant mum’ might find it difficult to keep her plants alive. In other words, whether you’re a notorious houseplant killer (no judgement here) or not, it’s worth investing in a low-maintenance indoor plant which won’t be too demanding.

So, we caught up with the guys at Haskins (they’re fountains of indoor plant knowledge) to find out which indoor plants are the easiest to look after and how to go about keeping them alive. You’re welcome.

How to keep an indoor plant alive

1. Consider the light levels in your home.

Sunlight is one of the most important aspects to keeping a plant alive. You need to find out how much light your house gets and in which direction it’s coming from. North facing windows bring in much more light than south facing windows do. If you want a flowering plant like a pelargonium, consider putting it in a bright and airy living room. Plants like ferns can survive in humid, low-light rooms like your bathroom. You may also need to consider moving plants around the house in winter to follow the sun.

2. Perfect that watering routine.

In spring and summer, plants will need watering more regularly to avoid drying out. In winter, most plants need less water – possibly as little as once a week. But you still have got to nail your watering routine – i.e. making sure you actually remember to do it. That said, watering it every day could be as detrimental as not watering it at all. The key is making sure you know when your plant is thirsty, and you can do this by putting your fingers in the soil. If the soil is dry, your plant needs watering. Oh, and don’t water it so much so that the plant is drenched. Keep your plant in the ugly plastic pot it arrives at your door in (within something prettier like this woven pot from Anthropologie), so that you can simply take the plastic pot to the sink to water it. When it has drained properly, slot it back into its fancier home.

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What are the best low maintenance indoor plants?

  • Devil’s Ivy: These are fantastic trailing or hanging plants that perform well in a hanging pot or on a high shelf. They prefer to live in-direct light conditions and require liberal watering in spring and summer.
  • Cacti: Really easy to care for, these architectural plants love light and occasional watering.
  • Dracaena (Dragon Tree): They thrive in a warm room in light shade near an east or west facing window.
  • Spathiphyllum (Peace Lilly): A great air purifier, this distinctive popular plant thrives if kept damp and away from direct sunlight. Can also tolerate lower light levels.
  • Lace Fern: Whether it’s a bright lounge or hallway, this plant is a great focal point and will thrive on neglect. Just remember to water it and keep the soil moist – unless you buy an artificial plant instead