I was one of the first parents to try Kylie Jenner’s baby range on my toddler and my verdict might surprise you

I’ve never used Kylie’s skincare products but judging by the sales stats (and her bank balance), it’s safe to say they’ve been a success story. Yes, there are millions of die-hard Kardashian fans who’ve refreshed their browser in a Glastonbury ticket buying-esque frenzy to get their hands on a Kylie Lip Kit but according to my 30-year-old brother, who swears by her skincare products for his eczema-prone skin, they actually work.

I’m hesitant to use any old products on my one-year-old’s skin because she suffers with severe eczema but with the rave reviews and impressive formulations to reassure me, I was feeling confident about Kylie’s baby products.

First up was the Kylie Baby Gentle Shampoo, £17, which she claims creates a tear free and sulfate free creamy lather to gently cleanse and soften delicate hair and sensitive scalp. My daughter has previously screamed the house down when I’ve used other celebrity baby brands (I won’t name and shame), but she didn’t bat an eyelid as I washed away Kylie’s shampoo, which made the much-loathed hair washing experience far less traumatic for both of us. 

The shampoo is complemented by the Kylie Baby Gentle Conditioner, £17, which felt a little boujee for someone who’s only ever used a 2-in-1 shampoo/conditioner hybrid before. The benefits of using a separate formula, according to Kylie, are to ease combing, enhance curls and help detangle all hair types and textures, leaving your baby’s hair ‘silky smooth’. She isn’t bluffing; my daughter’s hair was touch-me soft and tangle-free for three days (including a day of wild play at nursery which is the true test!).

Finally, the Kylie Baby Moisturising Lotion, £17, claims to leave the skin ‘irresistibly soft and smooth with its silicone free, lightweight, gentle formula’. I wouldn’t go as far as to say my child’s skin was ‘irresistibly’ soft but the no-nonsense formula wasn’t too heavy, absorbed quickly and didn’t irritate her skin so it’s a winner in my eyes.

Considering you can get a bottle of Johnson’s Baby Lotion for £2, Kylie’s £17 price tags are pretty steep for baby products, but if you’re willing to buy in to the Kardashian/Jenner empire hype, at least your baby will have gloriously silky hair in exchange for helping Miss Jenner cling on to her billionaire status.