Take A Trip Around The World In One Meal At This Mayfair Restaurant • Miro

Mayfair is not short of luxury dining – or luxury shopping or stays for that matter – and the newest eatery to the neighbourhood is no different. Miro opened its doors in July 2022, ready to transport diners around the world with sensational small plates and lavish larger dishes that draw inspiration from different cuisines around the world. The kitchen is led by Executive Chef Toby Burrowes who previously worked at Zuma London and the Michelin-starred Elystan Street, so you know you’re in good hands. He draws on his culinary knowledge and personal experiences travelling around the world, with particular focus on Asia, Europe and South America.

As you enter Miro, housed in the building that was formerly Street XO, you’ll descend down a plush, gold staircase into a vibrant world of neon signs and hand-painted, colourful murals juxtaposed against industrial-style exposed walls and pipes on the ceiling. There’s a definite ‘clubstaurant‘ vibe here, with beat-heavy music pumping through the venue and low lighting. The open kitchen is the focal point of the room, while huge travel murals dominate the wall. The tone is set by staff as you enter; polite, friendly and oh so welcoming.

a selection of dishes at Miro Mayfair

Food at Miro

When it came to the food at Miro, the global inspiration was vast at this Mayfair joint, from a fancy take on the Brits’ fish and chips, to Japanese chicken karaage. Everything was elevated in presentation and ingredients – caviar and truffles were sprinkled all over the menu, and everything we ate was rich in flavour. We had an absolute feast, trying dishes from each corner of the menu, which is split into starters, ‘something crunchy’, ‘something from the josper’, ‘something on the side’ and ‘something sweet’.

To start, you must try the glazed watermelon sashimi, served with a cucumber ponzo. Despite being an absolute watermelon fiend, I had no idea what to expect from this dish as I nabbed the watermelon with my chopsticks: it was sweet yet deep in flavour, and utterly delicious. The sliced hamachi goes quite well when served alongside the watermelon dish, and the crunchy truffled yellowtail and avocado maki rolls are also recommended, boasting a range of flavours and textures in each bite.

The crunchy section of the menu boasts more small plates – including one of my favourites at Miro: “fish and chips”. Now, forget everything you know about your favourite chippy, as there’s not a battered cod in sight here. Instead, a thin slice of chutoro tuna covers a chip-shaped serving of potato galette, topped with caviar and pickled wasabi; the result tastes just like the fish and chips you know and love but fancier. My only complaint was that there wasn’t more, but I needn’t have worried, as a bowl of sweet-and-spicy chicken karaage hit the spot instead. The melt-in-your-mouth chicken had a satisfying crunchy casing (makes sense why it was on this section of the menu), making them very moreish.

a hand squeezing lime onto a jumbo tiger prawn at Miro in Mayfair

After a palette cleanser of daikon, tofu and cucumber rolls (although on the starter menu, we recommend you ask for this to be served right before your main), we moved on to the biggest prawn I’ve ever seen. While it is already tasty, you can draw the flavour even more by lightly dipping into the sea salt on the side. Alternatively, if you’ve had enough of seafood, the beef fillet is a good choice – it is super soft and goes well with the grilled Japanese aubergine side dish – or, perhaps, if you’re feeling super flash, opt for the £195(!) portion of Australian wagyu ribeye. Hey, Miro is in Mayfair after all.

For dessert, there’s plenty to indulge in, from a salted caramel popcorn souffle, to a ‘roast your own smores’ set, which comes complete with a small bbq, so you can cook your marshmallows over an open fire. For a really indulgent treat, Grandma’s baked vanilla choc chip cookies and ice cream is the clear choice. Although not overpoweringly sweet, it is warming, comforting, and a fine end to a really scrumptious meal.

Drinks at Miro

Not to be outdone by the Miro food menu, the drinks at this Mayfair spot offering includes rare and vintage cocktails, with some prices as high as £50,000, rumour has it! However, for those just looking for a nice meal and a couple of cocktails like we were, there are plenty of options that don’t cost as much as a house deposit. Exquisite ingredients are still used in many drinks – like margaritas with rare tequilas, and an Old Fashioned made with an extremely rare Macallan 1950 – and there are 21 signature cocktails to choose from. For something very different, why not go for the Buena Vista, which uses the first tobacco liqueur in the world, sweetened by chocolate syrup and banana liqueur, and served with a flourish of dry ice? Drinks can be enjoyed during your meal, or in the intimate lounge bar area that seats just 30. The spot offers a lively atmosphere and walk ins are encouraged.

Neon fish light above the bar at Miro Mayfair

We couldn’t end this article with one more shout out to the exceptional service at Miro: from the welcome staff to the host to those who bring your dishes out. Their attention to detail is second to none, and you’re made to feel like the only table they’re dedicating their time to. Oh, and on a very different note, shout out to the Miro bathrooms – yes, really. Accessed via a dedicated lift, the mirrored, maze-like bathroom is an attraction in itself. Look out for the foot pedal under the sinks though, lest you spend 10 minutes moving your hand under the tap, like a magician trying to summon something out of thin air. Couldn’t be us… (yes, yes it was).

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