This Taproom From An Internationally-Ranked Brewery Is Selling Pints For Just £3.50

If, like us, you’ve been reading about pint prices potentially rising to terrifying numbers in the coming years, here’s a welcome bit of news for you. A taproom in London, from Manchester-based brewery Cloudwater Brew Co., is offering up pints for an amazing price. 73 Enid Street, as part of their Happy Hour deals, slings pints of their crushable and hoppy pale ale, Happy, for just £3.50. Get it? Cheap pints of Happy during Happy Hour?

But one cheap pint isn’t enough for the team at 73 Enid Street. Instead, their Happy Hour finds them offering up five different beers for less than a fiver apiece. The five beers come from their new core range, which they’re so keen to share that they’re offering up unheard-of-in-London deals.

Imagine the scene: meeting up with a mate for a pint and a catch-up, and each round costs less than £10! The Happy Hour promotion runs Wednesday-Friday, from 4-7PM with four different pale ales and a crushable lager all up for grabs. And these aren’t any ordinary, bottom of the bucket pints that cost nothing and taste of even less. These beers come from a brewery that specializes in super-fresh, super-hoppy beers. They currently sit at 8th place in the list of best breweries in the world, a list on which they were once ranked at 2nd position. Yeah, these brewers know what they’re doing, and their beers are seriously delicious.

Missed the Happy Hour?

You’re still spoiled for choice with 20 taps of super-fresh beer that gets delivered each week, straight from the brewery. Oh, and three fridges absolutely bursting at the seams with a huge variety of canned and bottled beers. As a plus, outside of Happy Hour, prices are more than reasonable. During regular operating hours, Happy goes for a mere £4.50 a pint. And a variety of other £5 or sub-£5 options are also available.

Now, of course, that doesn’t mean everything is cheap. As a specialty beer taproom they serve beers with a wide variety of strengths and intensities. As such, their double and triple IPAs, New England IPAs, Imperial Stouts, and international imports obviously ask higher prices. However, when ABV is factored in, as well as appropriate serving size, it’s impossible to argue with the prices. You wouldn’t order wine by the pint, after all, and nor should you do so with a similarly strong beer.

Now if you’ll excuse us, we’re off for a pint or two. And if you saw us leaving work early… No you didn’t.

Find 73 Enid Street at, um, 73 Enid Street in Bermondsey (SE16 3RA). Keep an eye on their socials to check on opening hours, and to find out what specials they might be running when you visit!