Alicia Keys expertly addresses fan who grabbed and forcibly kissed her mid-performance

Alicia Keys has had enough, and we don’t blame her. The Grammy-award winner spoke out against a fan who forcibly kissed her on the cheek during a recent performance.

In a clip doing the rounds on social media, the talented star is seen walking through the crowd while singing her hit tune Empire State Of Mind during her Alicia + Keys world tour in Vancouver, Canada, at Rogers Arena, when a woman suddenly grabs the singer and kisses her on the cheek.

The Fallin’ singer was clearly stunned, but, like a true professional, she carried on walking through the crowd while showing off her incredible vocals.

But days later, Alicia was sure to have her say on the incident, as entertainment site Hollywood Unlocked posted a clip, which was first shared on Twitter by user, @DiaryOfKeysus, of the unwelcomed kiss.

Commenting under the post, mother-of-two Alicia wrote: Trust me, I was like what the F***!!!!!!!! Don’t she know what time it is???”

Other fans were also horrified at the moment, with one person tweeting: “I don’t understand how people can think that’s okay to invade someone’s personal space like that? Just because their celebrities, is no excuse. Imagine some stranger, you walked past, kisses you. How would you feel? That’s ridiculous!”

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Another wrote: “Damn like why you grabbin her like that fame and talent don’t mean she any less human show some respect for this queen,” while a third added: “I feel so uncomfortable seeing that.. damn.”

Continuing with what the fans are saying online, just because someone is a “celebrity” and is in the business of providing you with entertainment does not mean you have free rein over their body and personal space. As well as Alicia, the likes of Gigi Hadid, Harry Styles, Kylie Jenner, Taylor Swift and more have been at the other end of questionable, uncomfortable interactions with fans. And when they try to defend themselves, they are branded “rude”. Like what? Imagine if someone grabbed you randomly and kissed you. Horrifying.

Our point is, please don’t be that fan. I mean, we get it. In a world that seems to become more gloom and doom by the day, we turn to movies, television shows, and our favourite celebrities for light-hearted escapism. And of course, that is totally fine, but please remember that they are human beings, and you should respect their personal space if you ever cross paths with them IRL.