7 Best Of The Best Places To Do CrossFit In London To Get Yourself In Shape

Have you always wanted to look great and feel good about your body and get yourself really into shape? If the answer to this is yes – then crossfit may just be for you. Just like any other workout, it requires discipline, but the results of every physical activity and nutritional intake in CrossFit training are extremely gratifying. Here’s our roundup of the best places to do CrossFit in London:

1. CrossFit Central London

Just a five-minute walk from Southwark tube station and ten minutes from London Bridge, CrossFit Central London definitely deserves its spot on this roundup of the best CrossFit in London, and it’s known for its great location and excellent services. The gym aimed at both beginners and people who have done CrossFit training before.

If you’re new to CrossFit, you can start a one-month Fundamentals course where you learn functional training. The gym has a positive environment, with supportive and friendly staff who will guide you to your first step towards a healthier lifestyle. Also, if you feel overwhelmed by the thought of being judged, then don’t worry; the Fundamentals Course is created for beginners, so just like you, everyone starts from zero!

Additionally, people who have previously trained in CrossFit studios in London can opt for the one-month Fundamentals Course or start with a 1:1 personal training, where you’ll receive the coach’s complete attention. You can even book a free No Sweat Intro, which allows the trainers to understand your training history and suggest what plan will work best for you.

You’ll find CrossFit Central London at 57 Ewer Street, London, SE1 0NR. Nearest station is Southwark. 

2. CrossFit North London

Having an epic location in North London with a 10,000 sq ft area, CrossFit North London is known as one of the biggest and the best spots to do CrossFit in London. The founding coaches of the gym, Gerard and Sarra, have been corrective exercise specialists for over 15 years and have been qualified CrossFit coaches since 2012. They’ve developed a training programme to give each member a memorable experience each time they attend the workout sessions.

The gym organises bi-monthly nutrition seminars, free and accessible for people with CrossFit membership, and you can also enter into external CrossFit competition qualifiers throughout the year at CrossFit North London. All you need do is speak to one of the coaches for details to get started.

They now also have Kids and Adult Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu classes, which is great for muscle strengthening as it puts all your muscles to work. Don’t worry about aches or pains, as the trainers are experts and will only make you do the workouts that suit your body.

You’ll find CrossFit North London at Unit 1, Guillemot Place, Clarendon Road, Wood Green, London, N22 6XG. Nearest station is Wood Green. 

3. Tribe – CrossFit Hammersmith

Tribe – CrossFit Hammersmith offers group training, personal training, and nutritional coaching to its members. In group training you can do challenging workouts, combined with the most effective fitness methods daily. However, if you want to achieve your fitness goals in the shortest time possible, go for personal training where your personal coach builds a custom plan to get faster results.

Are you stressed about not having enough time, being on a tight budget, or scared to start? Then you need to check out the CrossFit gym at Arch 59, where the coaches help you find a suitable programme that easily fits into your schedule and enables you to achieve your fitness goals.

The gym’s number one priority is helping you achieve your desired fitness goals, so do not hesitate; even if you are a beginner, the trainers suggest specific workout programmes that will benefit you.

Also, if you need meal prep ideas to start eating healthy while keeping your calories in check, they have ten simple recipes which you can easily download from their website.

You’ll find Tribe – CrossFit Hammersmith at Arch 59, 61 & 64 Cambridge Grove, London, W6 0LD. Nearest station is Hammersmith. 

4. CrossFit Vauxhall

If your concern is being judged for your body type, CrossFit Vauxhall is the best place to begin your fitness journey. The gym has three levels starting with a 1:1 introduction with an expert coach, then moving forward, you train under a personal coach, and finally, you can get started with their hybrid membership.

The coaches take time to know about your life, your health history, and the reason that motivated you to get fit. These questions may seem personal but are extremely important to build a complete plan of action that is customised to help you achieve your desired dream body and health.

The coaches at CrossFit Vauxhall are committed to not just helping you with training but also educating you on the what, why, and how of every exercise routine. When you know the true meaning and reason behind every activity, the importance of the exercises registers in your mind and motivates you to keep going. In the hybrid memberships, which include group and personal training sessions, you meet people like you, sharing similar motivations for a healthier lifestyle.

You’ll find CrossFit Vauxhall at Unit 15-16, Railway Arch, Miles Street, London, SW8 1RZ. Nearest station is Vauxhall.

5. CrossFit Aldgate

If you are looking for CrossFit studios in London that have a sociable environment to train and get fit while being surrounded by a bunch of highly motivated individuals, you need to check out CrossFit Aldgate. Here you get top-class instructions from passionate and experienced coaches. In addition, they provide you with a proven training programme that is right for you, considering your age, health background, and your desired fitness goals.

In CrossFit training, you experience challenging and fun workout routines to help you get in shape faster while improving every aspect of your physical health. If your fitness has taken a backseat for years, there is nothing to be concerned about, as CrossFit workouts are designed for everyone.

However, even after all this, you are still on the fence about whether or not it will be worth it, the gym allows you to take a free class to experience its fantastic sessions. 

You’ll find CrossFit Aldgate at 117 Houndsditch, London, EC3A 7BT. Nearest station is Aldgate. 

6. CrossFit Bermondsey

CrossFit Bermondsey is definitely one of the best CrossFit gyms in London – trust us. Fitness is not a choice but a necessity with our crazy work life and the processed food we consume every day. The CrossFit workouts here are designed to help you achieve your dream body in as little time as possible. All you need to do is commit, and if you can’t keep up with that, don’t worry; here you’ll get to join a fitness community that encourages you to stay on track with your fitness plan.

All the fitness plans are customizable, and the coaches tailor the programs to suit your needs. This ensures you get your desired fitness results faster, along with the help of a supportive and friendly community that wants to see you succeed.

Also, if you plan to start immediately, the gym offers a free fitness guide filled with workouts to start your fitness journey at home. Winner, winner. 

You’ll find CrossFit Bermondsey at 183-187 Southwark Park Road, London, SE16 3TX. Nearest station is Bermondsey. 

7. CrossFit Streatham

Located just off Streatham High Road, CrossFit Streatham is one of the excellent CrossFit gyms in London offering group training within a comfortable strength and conditioning facility. Within minutes of major train and bus routes, the facility has numerous training programmes tailored to each individual to help them achieve their desired fitness results.

All the programmes here are designed to test every member’s physical strength, endurance, and coordination to activate their full potential. An incredibly supportive community allows every member to participate without feeling judged. In addition, the intensive training and workout routines enable you to improve your power, speed, and stamina.

If you’re a mum who wants to try the best CrossFit in London, this place is right for you as they have pre/post-natal specialists as coaches to guide and train you. The workouts help new mums to rebuild their bodies and get in proper shape. They even have personal 1:1 sessions if you desire to work with a coach to get complete attention while training.

You’ll find CrossFit Streatham at 292d Streatham High Road, London, SW16 6TH. Nearest stations are Streatham and Tooting. 

If this list just got you all hyped up to try some CrossFit in London, then we’re excited for you to accomplish your goals. This guide should hopefully  be all you need to find the right gym.