A Bank Holiday On The Day Of The Queen’s Funeral Has Been Approved

On September 8, the longest-reigning Monarch in British history passed away at the age of 96, and the country entered a period of national mourning. Following the death of Queen Elizabeth II, tributes have been pouring in by members of the public, and the Queen is due to receive a state funeral.

Will there be a bank holiday on the day of the funeral?

King Charles III, the new proclaimed King of England, has signed a proclamation to appoint the day of the Queen’s funeral as a public holiday across England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

The bank holiday was formally approved by King Charles III in his first meeting with the Privy council in St James’s Palace.

When is the funeral?

There is no official confirmation, but reports have suggested it could take place on Monday, September 19. If this is the case, the public holiday that has just been announced would fall on this day. It is thought that the official date of the Queen’s funeral could be confirmed as early as this evening (September 10). Queen Elizabeth will receive a state funeral, and it will be televised across the nation.

Is Prince Charles the new King?

Yes. As of today (September 10), he has been proclaimed King Charles III, with gun salutes taking place in London to mark the occasion.