17 thoughtful thank you gifts that really show your gratitude

Thoughtful thank you gifts will show them just how much you value their support and don’t take their friendship/help/advice for granted. Sure, handwritten thank you cards are nice, but a personalised thank you gift idea is the perfect way to show them you care.

That said, people often go wrong with thank you gifts – whether you’re after thank you teacher gifts or saying thank you after a random act of kindness, thank you to your boss or mentor when you leave a job or thank you after a dinner party – it’s easy to think ‘bigger the better’. But really, just a decent bottle of wine in a nice gift bag would do.

Of course, thank you gift ideas depend on how well you know the person who’s made your day – and what exactly you’re thankful for. Besides a (handwritten) note, flowers, wine, scented candles, small keepsakes, vouchers or chocolate gifts are (and probably always will be) standby tokens of appreciation. I mean, who doesn’t like flowers?

But, here at GLAMOUR, we thought there must be other perfect gifts out there that say ‘thank you soooo much’. So, we asked around to find out what people’s favourite and most unique gifts to receive are, and then raided the internet.

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Checkout with most memorable, unusual, and surprisingly useful thank you gifts that will really show your gratitude…