Dark roots is the controversial hair colour that’s trending this season

Dark roots have emerged as one of 2022’s most controversial hair trends. Maybe it’s because the last couple of years – what with the limited access to our glam squads – have helped us get a lot more comfortable with root regrowth. Or maybe we’re drawn to slightly dishevelled looking hair. There’s something subtly sexy about cba, messy-girl hair.

Kim Kardashian is the latest celeb to join the movement. Though it’s not the first time she’s dabbled with the trend, her most recent rendition is chunkier and grungier than the neat centre root smudge she gave us in her previous platinum phase. It could be a sign that Kim’s ‘Blonde Era’ is on its way out, but we reckon she’ll enjoy rebel roots for a little while longer, since she seems to be embracing more of a grunge beauty aesthetic heading into autumn.

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Prior to Kim, Dua became a poster-girl for the movement when she first made her switch to blonde back in 2019. And Margot Robbie‘s been feeling it for quite some time. Ciara has flitted in and out of the trend, remixing it against a candy floss pink hair colour. Rose Byrne been there and done it and Charlize Theron wore it against cropped hair.

Still not convinced? These genius root concealers will keep you roots covered until you can see your stylist.

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