You Might Be Able To Track The Flight Carrying The Queen’s Coffin To London Via This App

The Queen’s coffin has been lying in St Giles Cathedral in Edinburgh for 24 hours, but tonight, at around 6:55pm, the body of the longest-reigning Monarch in the country’s history is due to land at the RAF Norfolk.

And thanks to modern technology, you might just be able watch the plane on the handy flight tracker Flightradar, which lets you track flights all around the world. The flight lands into the airport this evening, and if the flight number is released, you will be able to track the flight.

In the past, royal flights have been known to release their flight numbers to the public. Over 153,000 watched the flight carrying King Charles III and the Queen Consort from Aberdeen to RAF Northolt last week.

The Queen’s coffin has now left St Giles, where many camped overnight before the coffin’s arrival to pay their respects, and is on the way to Edinburgh airport; where 96 Queen’s Colour Squadron gunners are expected to perform a guard of honour when the coffin is loaded onto the plane.

Speaking to Sky News, Air Chief Marshal Sir Mike Wigston said: “It’s a C-17 Globemaster, which is our strategic airlifter. But on this very sad occasion it will be carrying Her Majesty’s coffin down from Edinburgh to RAF Northolt.”

After landing, the hearse will transport the Queen’s body to Westminster Hall, where it will remain until 6:30am on the day of the funeral (September 19).

What route will the hearse carrying the Queen’s coffin take after landing?

  • A40
  • Eastbourne Terrace
  • Lancaster Gate
  • Bayswater Road
  • Marble Arch
  • Park Lane
  • Hyde Park Corner
  • Constitution Hill
  • Centre Gate Centre Arch of Buckingham Palace

Can I visit the Queen’s coffin?

Queen Elizabeth II’s coffin will remain in Westminster Hall until the morning of the funeral. Westminster Hall will be open for 24-hours-a-day during this period to ensure those who wish to visit and pay their respects can do so, though everyone heading down can expect significant crowds of people, with over one million expected to visit. The streets will also be lined along the route the hearse takes after landing.

You can access Flightradar here