This Barbie-Themed Brunch Celebrates All Things ‘Plastic, Fantastic’

For one night day only, at one location only, Bounce will be celebrating all things plastic in the form of an all-Barbie brunch. That’s right, Bounce, the ping-pong bar, is hosting a Barbie blowout in brunch form. And while it may seem left of field, we can’t think of anything more appropriate. After all, those plastic ping pong balls must be made of the same material as the Barbie dolls, right?

The Barbie brunch will hit Bounce’s Old Street location on Saturday, September 24. It allows you to say goodbye to Summer at the Home of Ping Pong, with the Queen of Toys (a title we have just bestowed). Bounce’s resident drag queen, Miss Tyramissoux, will be hosting the festivities as you enjoy 90 minutes of bottomless ping-pong, pizza, and beer or prosecco.

The word on the street is that Barbie and Ken might even make an appearance!

Prizes are on offer for the best-dressed on the day, so crack open that suitcase of Barbie dolls you’ve been hiding away in your closet and start rummaging through them for inspiration. Will you go as Malibu Barbie perhaps? Barbie the astronaut heading to outer space? Or will you go full-on eye-popping pink with head to toe plastic regalia and the ultimate blonde ponytail? If you can do a picture perfect rendition of any of the outfits from the forthcoming Barbie movie, we’re sure that’ll go down a storm too.

Head to Bounce’s events page on their website to grab your tickets. And just try to not sing “come on Barbie, let’s go party” every day until you arrive at the brunch. It’s the perfect antidote for anyone itching for a Barbie fix in advance of the movie’s release next year.