David Beckham Has Been Spotted In The Queue To Visit The Queen Lying-In-State

Tell you what, that queue might be big but you know David Beckham could still curl a freekick over it to find the top corner.

If you’re in said queue, don’t worry: you won’t be in any danger of one of the great set-piece takers using you as a practice wall — not only because he’s hung up his shooting boots, but also because you might have just spotted the man himself standing in line alongside you.

Yes, Becks is thought to have joined the line at around 2am this morning (September 16), and even brought some much-needed queue-fuel – in the form of doughnuts – for those around him. Now you know that he can both send England to the World Cup finals with an outrageous freekick against Greece AND choose the correct snack. Hero? Hero.

He’s currently been in the queue for over 12 hours, and has promised photos with those who want them after he has had his turn to pay respects to the Queen, who passed away last week at the age of 96, at Westminster Hall.

David Beckham also joined the queue in the nick of time. As of 10:47am this morning (September 16), the queue has been called at capacity and currently can’t allow anyone else to join it. This was slated to last for at least six hours, and you can get regular updates by using this handy tracker.