Hallowed Peak Is Coming To Haunt London This October

Buried secrets don’t always stay buried, and this October Phantom Peak will see its mysterious past emerge from the shadows once more. The immersive video-game style experience, found in Canada Water, will bring Halloween to life in spooktacular fashion with Hallowed Peak, a seasonal special with 13 new trails and quests, fantastic live music, carnival acts and plenty of goosebump-inducing ghost stories. Not only that, but you’ll get to witness the stunning sets – from the glittering Gilded Lake and cascading Phantom Springs to the bustling walkways of Canal Street – in a whole new hair-raising light. Those who dare to enter will be treated to an eerie extravaganza where spirits aren’t only found in a bottle and nothing is quite as it seems.

Hallowed Peak will be the immaculately-carved pumpkin on top of an already otherworldly experience. Phantom Peak has expanded to double the size as the Old Town rises from the ashes, bringing with it the vestiges of a long-forgotten past. Steel your nerves and prepare your poker face as, under the dusky glow of moonlight, you will explore the inner sanctums of this mystery-laden labyrinth. There are clues to uncover, drinks to be gulped down, food to be devoured and games to be played.

western-style buildings and a waterway strung with lanterns at night

The Old Town’s return comes under the watchful eye of JONACO and its mysterious proprietor – or should we say puppeteer – Jonas. They have dragged the split-level mining town into the present day: illuminating the shadowy nooks and crannies with gleaming lanterns, installing shiny new buildings such as a brand-new TV station and transforming the jailhouse into an Arcade filled with flashy video games. Of course, there are remainders of the past also. Like the dilapidated amusement the Miramaze, twisting around the upper levels, or the abandoned temple known as The Church Of The Cosmic Platypus – some say you can still hear their sonorous songs of worship, reverberating around the decaying ruins like a distant siren’s call.

At Phantom Peak, the month of October is home to the annual celebration known as the Lunar Festival. With the moon a bright, shining orb in the sky, it is a time of celebration for the townsfolk: local storytellers emerge from the woodwork to spin spooky tales that will send shivers down your spine, captivating carnival acts roam the Old Town and the enchanting melodies of live music fill the air, making it a true feast for the eyes and ears. Underneath all the revelry, however, there are some haunted happenings, with people reporting ghostly visions of past, present and future. Could it be the key to the town’s shrouded past or merely the product of a wild imagination? Well, you’ll just have to grab a ticket and find out for yourself.

They might say curiosity killed the cat, but at Hallowed Peak it will be just the ticket to discover places and people you’ve never encountered there before. One moment you could be brushing shoulders with a paranormal investigator, the next you’ll have the sudden urge to pay a visit to Madam Mechanica – the town’s resident robot fortune teller – for a terrifyingly good horror experience. There’s no shortage of devilishly delicious delights either, with a tempting Halloween tipple offered to everyone on arrival and a host of mouthwatering food stalls – serving up everything from Latin American-inspired tacos to classic pies – to silence any rumbling stomachs.

All you devout Halloween fans and creative souls might want to start polishing your fangs and stocking up on fake blood as there will also be a ‘Thrilling Threads’ costume competition, a popular Phantom Peak tradition. Why not mix things up this spooky season and enjoy the unearthly thrills of Hallowed Peak? Sign up to the waitlist now if you dare…