Japan Finally Lifts Last Travel Restrictions So Soon You Won’t Need A Visa To Visit

Over the past year, we’ve slowly seen Japan cautiously re-opening their borders. They started admitting those with visas back in March, and subsequently opened borders to tourists in specific tourism packages from June. However, the latest announcement removes virtually any barrier to entry.

Prime Minister Fumio Kishida announced Thursday in New York that Japan will reopen visa-free travel from October 11. The daily entry cap has also been lifted so you can just bet that everybody around the world is going to be swarming back asap.

Prior to closing its borders in 2020, Japan allowed visa-free short-term travel from people from 68 countries and regions. In 2019, visitor numbers reached a mind-blowing record of almost 32 million before falling sharply in 2020 and rising to only 246,000 last year.

a busy crossing at night in Japan with many people crossing the street with the lit up billboards in the background
Credit: Pixabay – Photo by mailtotobi

The move comes as a way to bolster the economy since the Yen has plummeted to a 24-year low. It’s not great for the Japanese, but travellers can definitely get more bang for their buck.

Known for its gorgeous cherry blossoms, advanced technology, mouth-watering cuisine and icons like Mount Fuji. Japan is the ultimate holiday destination and autumn is a fabulous time to visit.