Tickets Are Now On Sale To The Intoxicating Avora Cocktail Adventure

While pulling up a stool at the bar is perfectly adequate for a quick, impromptu drink, let’s be honest: we’re all looking for something a little more when it comes to marking an occasion – and the Avora Cocktail Adventure is just the ticket. Located at Hackney’s Rosewood Building from December, this experience is one for celebrations with friends, bonding with colleagues, and fun dates. You’ll step through a gateway and into a brand-new world, where you’ll meet those who live in Avora and forage for your cocktail ingredients, as you follow an intriguing storyline.

This theatrical, immersive experience comes from the team at Inventive Productions, who created the famed prison cocktail experience, Alcotraz, so you know you’re in for a good time. The adventure brings together live actors and incredible set design that bring the world of Avora to life – trust us, you’ll be in awe at bioluminescent qualities of the nighttime set – and in this space, you’ll face a moral dilemma: do you support the plans of a (fictional) greedy billionaire, or rebel and protect this new planet?

a woman venturing into the bioluminescent world of Avora with a cocktail

What can you expect at the Avora Cocktail Adventure?

The cocktail adventure starts with a visit to the Roscorp Laboratories, owned by a greedy CEO, who’ll brief you on a mission before sending you off into Avora. In your custom jumpsuit, you’ll venture through thick vegetation, past magical buds and secret elixirs, sourcing ingredients for three different cocktails. As you are immersed in this world, a moral dilemma presents itself: do you continue aiding the CEO of Roscorp, or do you join the underground resistance against him, to save Avora from human destruction?

The Avora Cocktail Adventure touches on deeper themes reflecting earth’s climate crisis, and as such, the team have partnered with UK environmental organisation, Ecologi, and will be planting a tree for every Avora experience ticket sold. In addition, the cocktail options are being co-created with the Sustainable Restaurant Group to ensure the highest possible sustainability standards are met. Once the experience is fully underway, Inventive Productions will take a recce and introduce reduction targets, so the experience can do even better.

a woman's hand picking up a cocktail ingredient from a plant at Avora Cocktail Experience

The Avora Cocktail Adventure is open Wednesday to Sunday, with various afternoon and evening slots available. The whole experience lasts one hour and 45 minutes, and trust us, it’s not one to be missed.

Avora: New World Cocktail Experience

From £40.00