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Lady’s 9 London Nature Walks You’ll Love Taking

Today I want to share my London nature walks with you. These free self-guided London walking tours offer easy ways to get into the city’s parks and gardens on foot. They’ll let you discover the scenic beauty of the UK capital and explore tranquil places away from the buzz of the urban landscape. If you love the outdoors, these walks are ideal ways to explore the city’s green spaces, waterways, and rural corners. Read on for the routes, maps, photos, and videos for these nature walks in London.

London Nature Walks

I’ve published a lot of blog posts about scenic walks over the years. From country walks in Britain to country walks near London, I’ve written about trails and paths around the UK.

Now I want to bring it home to the capital and tell you about London nature walks. The city is graced with an abundance of gardens, parks, and green spaces. That means there are loads of rural walks you can take within the M25.

Dulwich Park Rhododendrons in the American Garden in London

From the River Thames to the Royal Parks, Regent’s Canal, and Hampstead Heath, there’s no shortage of paths to walk in nature in London. My self-guided routes will take you to some of the most picturesque landscapes in the city.

If you enjoy urban environments and the outdoors in equal measure, these London walks are perfect for you. They’ll reveal the best of the city’s natural highlights and allow you to explore both well-known places and under-the-radar areas as you stroll.

Regents Canal in Regents Park, London

I hope you enjoy reading about these London nature walks as much as I’ve enjoyed creating them. My self-guided London walks are fun ways to see the city and get some exercise while you do.

You can find additional walks in the book London’s Hidden Walks, too. You can get it on Amazon here. There are more ideas for getting into nature in London in my London walking books post as well.

Hyde Park Garden in London

1. Hampstead Heath Nature Walk in London

First on my list of London nature walks is one in Hampstead Heath. This expansive green space has been my favorite park in London since I moved to the city.

Both topographically varied and unmanicured, Hampstead Heath feels like it’s in the English countryside.

Its elevated location means there are sweeping views of the London skyline from places like Parliament Hill as well. It makes for one of the best nature walks in London.

Hampstead Heath Pond

This self-guided walking route will lead you along some of the top nature trails in London. As you go you’ll spot everything from stately homes in London to 16th-century pubs and secret gardens with pergolas. There are bathing ponds you can swim in as well.

This park walk is ideal for you if you want to experience one of the city’s best green spaces and take in a variety of views and points of interest as you stroll.

You can find the directions, map, photos, and video on my blog post about Hampstead Heath walks. It’s one of my favorite nature walks in north London.

Pergola Garden, Hampstead, London

2. Royal Parks Nature Walk in London

My Royal Parks walk is next on my list of the best nature walks in London. These famous green spaces in the city center are some of the most beautiful places in the UK capital.

From Hyde Park to Green Park and St James’s Park, they’re known for everything from lush gardens to boating lakes.

My self-guided London walking route will take you through the major Royal Parks in central London.

As you follow the map from Kensington Gardens to Hyde Park and St James’s Park, you’ll pass everything from manicured gardens to art galleries and royal palaces in London.

Flowers in St James's Park, London

This nature walk is perfect if you love green spaces and all things royal. You can find the route, map, and photos on my blog post about the best walks in London.

My royal walking tour also covers some of the Royal Parks, so if you want a mix of nature and city, that one is a good choice as well.

Hyde Park Bridge, London

3. Thames Walk from Chelsea to Rotherhithe

Next on my list of the best nature walks in London is the Thames Path. This is one of the most popular places to walk in the UK capital, and my self-guided route will lead you to some of the top places along the river.

This self-guided Thames walk will take you from Chelsea to Battersea Park, Pimlico, Westminster, the South Bank, and Rotherhithe.

Houseboats on the Thames in Chelsea, London

Along the way you’ll see Big Ben, the Houses of Parliament, the London Eye, Tower Bridge, and other major landmarks.

This walking tour is for you if you love being by the water and seeing the city’s big attractions at the same time. It’s one of the best walks along the Thames in London.

You can find the route, maps, and photos on my blog post about a Thames walk in London.

Thames and London Eye View from Westminster Bridge

5. Thames Walk from Hammersmith to Chiswick

If you want to take another walk along the river, my Thames walk from Hammersmith to Chiswick is another of the best London nature walks.

A friend who lived near Hammersmith introduced me to it a long time ago, and I’ve been back many times since then.

River Thames in Hammersmith, London

This bucolic stretch of river goes by rowboats and barges, islets and waterfront pubs. There are pretty houses along the way, and plenty of lush gardens to peer into.

This walk is perfect if you want something a bit different and you’re interested in a local London experience. You can see the route and photos on my blog post about walking the Thames Path from Hammersmith to Chiswick.

Hammersmith Bridge, London

5. Dulwich Nature Walk in London

Next on my list of London nature walks is my Dulwich walk. This pretty part of south east London feels like a village. It’s known for its postcard-perfect houses, abundance of parks, enchanting woods, and historic picture gallery.

Dulwich house in London

This self-guided nature walk will take you through Dulwich Park, alongside Belair Park, and through the leafy streets of the neighborhood.

This is one of the best south east London walks if you like a mix of village atmosphere, parks, and gardens. You can find the full route, map, photos, and video on my Dulwich walk blog post.

Dulwich Park American Garden in London in Spring

6. Richmond Nature Walk in London

Next on my list of London nature walks is my Richmond walk. This area is home to an abundance of peaceful green spaces and riverside paths.

My self-guided walk will take you to Richmond Green, the River Thames, Petersham Meadows, Terrace Gardens, and Richmond Park, one of the largest green spaces in the UK capital.

Boats on the Thames in Richmond

As you go you’ll encounter everything from 17th-century Ham House and Garden to Ted Lasso filming locations and beloved riverside pubs.

This walking tour is just the thing if you like parks and waterfront areas as much as you love secret lanes and hidden corners. You can find the route, map, photos, and video on my blog post about a Richmond walk.

View from Terrace Gardens, Richmond, London

7. Regent’s Canal Walk: Maida Vale to King’s Cross

My Regent’s Canal walk is next on my list of London nature walks. Running from Maida Vale to King’s Cross, this route goes by everything from the boats in Little Venice to the stalls of Camden Market. It even goes through the London Zoo in Regent’s Park.

Regents Canal View in London

This London walk will take you along the beloved waterway and show you parts of London most visitors miss when they come to the city.

This one is for you if you like to get off the beaten path and away from the hustle and bustle. It’s on the water, so it’s ideal for a sunny day. You can find the route, map, photos, and video on my blog post about Canal walks in London.

Regent's Canal in Little Venice

8. Regent’s Canal Walk: King’s Cross to Hackney

If you want a longer stroll, you can add my Regent’s Canal walk from King’s Cross to Hackney onto the route above. It’s another of the best London nature walks.

This self-guided walk will lead you through Islington, Angel, Hoxton, Haggerston, and London Fields as you make your way into Hackney.

Regents Canal, Kings Cross

As you go, you’ll catch a glimpse of waterfront cafes and bars. If you do this walk on a Saturday, you can pick up a picnic lunch at Broadway Market at the end and enjoy it in the park in London Fields.

This nature walk is perfect if you enjoy strolling along the canals and exploring local areas of the city most visitors miss out on. You can find the details, route, map, and photos on my Regent’s Canal walk blog post.

Regents Canal Walk in Angel, London

9. Greenwich Nature Walk in London

My Greenwich walk comes next on my list of London nature walks. This historic part of the city is known for its Prime Meridian, maritime history, riverfront clipper ship, and hilly park.

My self-guided walk will take you from the River Thames to Greenwich Park and the Royal Observatory. They’re some of the best places to see in the area.

View from Greenwich Park, London

As you do this south London walk, you’ll come across everything from the Cutty Sark ship to the National Maritime Museum, Old Royal Naval College, and Greenwich Park gardens. You’ll meander down some of the area’s leafy residential streets, too.

This nature walk is ideal if you like a blend of outdoor scenery and history. You can find the full route, map, photos, and video on my blog post about a Greenwich walk.

Garden in Greenwich Park, London

London Nature Walks

I hope reading about these self-guided London walking tours has gotten you excited to head out and explore the city’s green spaces and waterways.

I’ve enjoyed creating the routes and maps, and I hope you get a chance to use them to do the walks yourself.

Parks, gardens, and waterfront areas are some of the best things about the city, and these self-guided London nature walks are fun ways to discover the highlights.

Dulwich Park Boating Lake, London

Beyond these scenic walks, I’ve written a lot about green spaces in London. From summer gardens in London to spring gardens in London and country walks in London, there’s plenty to keep you busy.

I’ve published guides to the best parks in London, Hampstead Heath in autumn, and Hyde Park in autumn, too.

River Thames, Richmond, London

I have more self-guided London nature walks in the pipeline as well. They’ll all end up here and on my London walking map once I’ve published them. You can bookmark this page or pin it on Pinterest to see the new ones when I add them. Happy walking!

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