Sip Your Way Along The Dalston Wine Mile

We’re all familiar with the concept of pub crawls. Moving between a selection of pubs and breweries, sampling some beers, and generally enjoying a day of beer-fuelled merriment. But you don’t really hear about wine crawls, or vinery crawls. There’s an element of class and sophistication inherent in the way that a lot of wine bars and venues present themselves. But a few wine venues in Dalston are looking to burst the stuffy reputation that suffuses so much of wine-drinking. They’re taking a page out of the beer-drinking-population’s book, and they’re bringing the Dalston Wine Mile to East London.

Dreamed up as a collaboration between East London institutions Dan’s, Binch, and People’s Wine, the Dalston Wine Mile is looking to inject some fun into the wine scene. On Saturday, October 15, from 2 PM onwards, a collaborative ‘wine tasting‘ will find participants hitting up the three wine venues for a day of wine-focused fun.

Each place will be serving up examples of what they specialise in, so you’ll get heaps of knowledge alongside incredible quality. Dan’s will be serving up Australian wines, while People’s Wine will be pouring all French wines. Binch, meanwhile, will be highlighting six different wines from six European countries, all low intervention/natural wines. And no one’s skimping on quantity, either, with a minimum of six wines per venue to taste your way through.

What happens on the day?

Just set the scene: it’s a cool autumn afternoon, and you’re in a crowd of like-minded wine-lovers. Together you’re sampling some of the best wines to be found in East London, if not the entirety of the city, and generally having a jolly old time. Having spent some time trying out one shop’s offerings, you all get up and proceed to the next venue where you do it all over again. Sip on some more wines, have a chat with the people around you, scoff some snacks maybe. Then, you do it all over again. And by the time the evening has come to a close you’ve trotted your way around Dalston to three splendid venues, sampled some delicious wines, and probably even got a restaurant recommendation for dinner.

people sat inside at Dan's wine bar, one of the stops on the Dalston Wine Mile
Credit: Dan’s

Sounds like an absolute delight of a way to spend an afternoon, right? Well, tickets are disappearing as you read these very words, so be sure to head straight to one of the venue websites to secure your place on the Dalston Wine Mile. 75 tickets are up for grabs, split three-ways as the event kicks off with a shotgun start spread out across the three venues.