17 best natural deodorants that will *actually* work

Let’s face it – even the best natural deodorants seem to have a bad rep, all thanks to the first wave of formulas which arguably deserved it for one simple reality – they didn’t exactly work.

Plenty of people tempted by a more natural solution have avoided making the switch thanks to their unfortunate reputation, but thanks to an influx of new, sophisticated formulas and oh-so-chic refillable packaging, eco-deodorants are fast becoming a shelfie must-have as well as a reliable self-care staple.

Unlike traditional anti-perspirants, a natural deo doesn’t contain the aluminium salts traditionally used in antiperspirants to plug sweat glands and reduce sweating. Instead, many alternatives use magnesium instead, as well as coconut oil, eucalyptus oil, tea tree oil, peppermint oil… You get the picture.  

That said, aside from the fact that sweating is a natural bodily function that’s necessary to help us flush out toxins, aluminium has been accused of being linked to diseases such as breast cancer and Alzheimer’s Disease. It’s important to note that scientists and dermatologists say there’s very little evidence to support this, however, more people are swaying towards formulas that avoid aluminium altogether. I mean, if you can make do without it, then why not? 

There’s one thing to clear up, though. Without the use of aluminium, natural deodorants won’t make us sweat less. Instead they work by neutralising the smell. “Natural deodorant will allow you to sweat, but it will prevent you from smelling,” says Matt Kennedy, co-founder of Fussy, the world’s first refillable, probiotic deodorant. “Sweat itself doesn’t smell, it’s the bacteria that grows on perspiration that creates a bad odour.”

Fussy Refillable Natural Deodorant

Megababe Rosy Pits Deodorant

CORPUS Santalum Natural Deodorant

La Roche-Posay 24H Physiological Roll-On Deodorant

Fussy’s range of chic, refillable pebble-shaped clean deodorants calls upon a pH balanced blend of antimicrobial and antibacterial ingredients, an all-natural odour-eating probiotic and deliciously scented essential oils to keep you smelling fresh for 24 hours. “We worked with a fragrance house to get a range of really refined, sophisticated scents that you would usually expect from a perfume,” says co-founder Eddie Fisher. “We tested Fussy on over 200 armpits and can safely say, it works.”

Best natural deodorants at a glance:

Not only that, but many eco deodorants are doing their bit to help reduce plastic pollution within the beauty and personal care sector and helping consumers inch closer to zero waste. “We first noticed the huge amounts of single-use plastic in our bathroom cabinets and thought there had to be a better way,” says Matt. “We created plastic-free compostable refills made from waste sugar cane. When you’ve finished it, you can literally throw it into your garden and it will decompose entirely in four months.”