Colours Hoxton Have Launched An All-New Korean-Fusion Food Menu

Colours Hoxton are setting mouths watering and getting hands sticky with their brand new food partner, Brighton-born Korean-fusion eatery Sangsa. Because, apparently it’s not enough for the venue to be a go-to cultural hub with exciting club nights and outrageous brunches. They also feel the need to become a true London destination for delicious Korean soul food.

Bar food is no new concept, with boozy nights out always wonderfully complemented by some delicious food to keep you fuelled throughout the night. But Colours Hoxton are taking it to a whole other level with their offering from Sangsa – or “상사” roughly translating to “bossman”. Coming from one of Brighton’s best-kept secrets, the food encompasses all sorts of chicken-y Korean-soul-food-fusion delights. It’s the perfect accompaniment to evenings in Shoreditch at Colours Hoxton.

On the menu at Sangsa

a burger next to fried chicken tenders with two bottles of hot sauce visible in the background
Credit: Sangsa @ Colours Hoxton

Sangsa is all about chicken, and saucy goodness, offering up tenders, wings, burgers, and everything in between. And with a selection of sauces that range from tangy and spicy to rich and garlicky, they can cater to all tastes – even the most spice averse or spice-loving. Don’t miss out on the Loaded Chicken, which finds pulled chicken served on a bed of seasoned fries topped with melted cheese & sriracha. And for the big appetites there’s the How Much Is Too Much? burger that throws chicken tenders, hash browns, and pulled chicken onto the same bun.

And veggies need not worry, as they’ve got just plenty of meat-free options to rival their chicken dishes. There’s the Loaded Jack, where pulled jackfruit tops a massive messy, cheesy, spicy portion of fries. Alternatively the Cauli Wings come in a moreish crispy batter that soaks up all the sauce without losing any of the crunch. Prefer your food handheld in one convenient parcel? Just grab the Pulled Jack for some delicious smoky pulled jackfruit and Vietnamese slaw on a toasted brioche bun.

You’ll almost be too engrossed in the delicious food to even notice the blasting beats and the people around you. Don’t worry, though, they’ve got plenty of napkins to deal with the saucy fallout of the delicious meal so you can get back to dancing the night away. Whatever the event when you go to Colours Hoxton, the nights are sure to unforgettable in every way with the addition of Sangsa.