Beavertown Is Giving Away Stars In Their Own Skull-Shaped Constellation

World Space Week started this week (running from October 4 – 10), and to celebrate Beavertown is taking to the stars with their very own constellation. Fans of the brewery could end up owning one of the 200 constellation-forming stars. Running from this Friday (that’s tomorrow folks – October 7) through to Saturday, those who are quick enough will be given their very own star when they order a pint of Neck Oil.

Beavertown’s love for all things extraterrestrial and space-themed is clear to anyone who’s seen any of Beavertown’s cans , tap badges, or promotional material. UFOs, aliens, and planet’s of unknown provenance litter the artwork. Their last giveaway even encouraged punters to do their own space-themed doodle in exchange for a free pint. Now they’re kicking things up a notch by giving you your own little bit of space, as they carve out (not literally) their own presence in the night sky.

So how to get your own Beavertown star?

There’ll be 100 redeemable stars via Beavertown’s webshop, 50 at Beavertown’s Taproom in Tottenham, and the remaining 50 at the Beavertown Corner Pin pub. So all you need to do is order a pint of Neck Oil at the physical locations, or grab some through the webstore. They’ll be giving out the stars on a first-comes-first-served basis. You’ll get a Stellar Star Registry voucher code, and upon redeeming it can name the star, and you’ll receive a certificate of ownership and a fold out-sky map. You’ll then be able to track the star’s position in the skull-shaped constellation.

someone receiving a pint of beer and a star registration card
Credit: Beavertown

Said Tom Rainsford, Marketing Director at Beavertown Brewery:

“If you’ve ever seen any of our cans, you’ll know we’re into all things Space here at Beavertown. That’s why this weekend, we want to bring a bit of the ‘out-of-this-world’ down to Earth.”

So buy a pint, and you’ll get a Beavertown star. What happens if you’re getting the round in, though? You could do you best Oprah Winfrey impression when you deliver the pints: “you get a star, you get a star, you get a star, everybody gets a star!”