Candle Gift Sets: 29 Best Candle Gift Sets

A candle gift set is the easiest and most gorgeous gift to give to your loved one that they’ll genuinely appreciate and thank you for. Trust me. I know it seems mundane and doesn’t require much thought (or so you’d think), but who doesn’t love a well-scented home? The crux of any interiors obsession begins with the appreciation for candles. And you can never have too many candles (or at least I can’t).

Candles have the astute ability to instantly set the mood of any atmosphere, so the scent of the gift set you choose will determine whether the room becomes a calm, warm and inviting place or an uplifting and energised one. It’s always wise to take note from the time of year when buying candle gift sets, too, and with it nearly being autumn you may want to opt for something smokier with woody notes to set atop the coffee table and reflect a cosy mood.

Yep: when buying a candle gift set, you do need to have some sort of an understanding of the person you’re buying for – even if that person is you – as well as the sorts of smells they like or dislike. While throwing caution to the wind and being spontaneous works a lot of the time, in order to really hit the nail on the head when it comes to buying the best candle gift set, you don’t want to end up buying someone who prefers The White Company’s Winter scent a fruity, zesty summer candle.

As with a lot of gift sets, anything that involves a candle is likely to include a variety of other things; like indulgent bath and body products, reed diffusers, room sprays and other home-scenting luxuries, for example. Chances are if the person you’re buying for is into their self-care then they’ll be into everything else a candle gift set has to offer.

A Yankee Candle gift set is your bread and butter – everyone knows the brand and, because they have so many scents to choose from, it makes sense to go for a set that includes a few of their iconic fragrances. This 11-piece Yankee Candle gift set includes eight Christmas-themed candles, a votive holder, a wick trimmer and a lid topper that produces funky patterns on the wall when placed on top of a lit candle.

Luxury candle gift sets such as Jo Malone London’s Travel Candle Collection and Fornasetti’s Sweet Drinks set of three scented candles are ideal for the more boujee among us. Elsewhere, you could opt for The White Company’s Fireside Mini Home Scenting Set for the perfect middle-ground candle gift set or this candle and bath bomb gift set from Etsy for something even lighter on the purse strings.

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