Emerald Nails Are The Autumn ‘It’ Shade Loved By Selena Gomez & Sydney Sweeney

Selena Gomez is no stranger to offbeat or awkward nail shades. In august she expressed her love for olive green, but another rendition of the shade – emerald nails – has also captured her attention heading into autumn. 

We’re already on board. We love an autumn nail trend, but if you’re tired of the evergreen forest, navy and oxblood shades that roll around every year, emerald offers something a little something different,, but it still offers up that richness the season calls for. In fact, gemstone shades of amethyst, onyx, tigers eye and malachite are all perfect for right now. But, emerald is the precious stone that’s really picking up a celebrity fan following.

For last month’s Emmy’s Selena worked with her long-time manicurist, Tom Bachik, on a custom shade that would complement her outfit, and in particular, the statement emerald beaded tassel earrings she wore to the event. 

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“Our color was inspired by her Verriere earrings,” Tom explained in an Instagram post. “Selena loved the jewelry [sic] and wanted to play off the emerald green.”

To keep it special, though, Tom created a custom colour to create more of a 3D jewel-like finish. He started with a thin coat of OPI’s The Pass Is Always Greener for the base “to give the proper undertone,” explained Tom. Then he layered OPI’s pro-only sparkly green Emerald Illusion on top and used a magnet to make the reflective glitter stand “this [gives] us the shimmery sparkle inside the nails,” he revealed.

“A proper jewel tone has lots of depth. To help create this effect I chose a custom mix of OPI AmazOn AmazOff and Rated Pea-G for the overlying tone and mixed it with the gel Stay Shiny top coat to create a sheer ‘jelly’ shade that was then thinly layered over the nail to give us the final look,” Tom explained. Lastly he rehydrated cuticles with some cuticle oil “for a youthful glow and a mani as special as the moment,” he said.