8 Best Makeup Brushes For Contouring

Contouring is as close to magic as makeup can be. By mastering the art of sculpting your face you can elongate your nose, narrow your jawline, and even emphasise your eye shape – it’s a must-know makeup technique which basically enhances the shape of your bone structure to completely transform your features. If you’re yet to try out contouring for yourself then this tutorial has you covered – all you need is the right products and tools to effortlessly elevate your contour technique to the next level. 

Scroll down to discover our edit of the best makeup brushes for contouring.

By BEAUTY BAY Rose Gold Glam Contour Queen Small Domed Buffer Brush

XX Revolution The Architect Curved Face Cheekbone Brush

Sometimes you just need a something a bit extra and the XX Revolution The Architect Curved Face Cheekbone Brush is exactly that. For use with both contouring and highlighting products (we love a multipurpose tool) so your makeup application has never been easier. The bristles have also been coated with a protective layer to help fight against bacteria – we love to see it.

Nabla Cheek Shaper Brush

If you’re looking for precise application that will leave you sculpted and defined, then the Nabla Cheek Shaper Brush is just the ticket. This tapered contour brush is shaped to allow for the perfect amount of product to be dispersed, in just the right place.

Sigma Beauty F40 Large Angled Contour Brush

Nanshy Contouring Brush

The Nanshy Contouring Brush has been designed with navigating the curves of the face in mind. The angled shape is ideal for use with a multitude of products such as cream, liquid, and powder and is made with synthetic bristles that are super soft.

Revolution Pro Goddess Glow Sculpting Brush

If you’re a fan of powder contour products then you’ll love the Revolution Pro Goddess Glow Sculpting Brush. It’s visually stunning – with striking tortoiseshell detailing – but is also a thoroughly functional tool. The curved angle of the brush works with the natural contours of your face to deposit product in all the right places. 

Spectrum Collections Hello Kitty Ice Cream Kabuki Brush

The Spectrum Collections Hello Kitty Ice Cream Kabuki Brush is not only adorable but also ideal for using on-the-go. This multi-use brush is a great all-rounder, but the density of the bristles make it a perfect tool for contouring – and achieving the perfect blend whilst doing so!

MAC Cosmetics 168S Large Angled Contour Brush

MAC Cosmetics are world renowned for their pro MUA-approved products – just one of the many reasons you need the MAC Cosmetics 168S Large Angled Contour Brush in your collection. The gently angled edge allows for both precise application and a soft finish, and the firmly bundled bristles are made with 100% synthetic fibres of the highest quality.