Call Jane: Cast, Plot, Release Date & Trailer For The Upcoming Abortion Drama

Call Jane, a new film set in 1960s USA, couldn’t have come at a more poignant time. Following the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v Wade earlier this year, women’s access to safe abortions in the US – and the reproductive rights of women around the world – have been a fervent topic of conversation.

The film, set in Chicago in 1968, follows Joy (Elizabeth Banks), a suburban mother who finds herself battling the medical establishment for an abortion, when her pregnancy leads to a life-threatening illness. 

Here’s everything you need to know…

What’s the plot of Call Jane?

The official synopsis reads:

“Chicago, 1968. As the city and the nation are poised on the brink of political upheaval, suburban housewife Joy (Elizabeth Banks) leads an ordinary life with her husband and daughter. When Joy’s pregnancy leads to a life-threatening heart condition, she must navigate an all-male medical establishment unwilling to terminate her pregnancy in order to save her life.

“Her journey for a solution leads her to Virginia (Sigourney Weaver), an independent visionary fiercely committed to women’s health, and Gwen (Wunmi Mosaku), an activist who dreams of a day when all women will have access to abortion, regardless of their ability to pay. Joy is so inspired by their work, she decides to join forces with them, putting every aspect of her life on the line.

Inspired by true events, Nagy’s film captures the essence of late-Sixties social change via one woman’s quest to get a safe and legal abortion.”

The film comes after the release of The Janes, an HBO documentary about the underground network of women-run abortion providers in the late 1960s, who secretly provided almost 12,000 women with safe abortions in the US. (The UK release date for The Janes has yet to be announced).

Who’s in it?

In addition to the aforementioned leads, Kate Mara plays Lana, Joy’s best friend; Chris Messina plays Joy’s husband Will; Cory Michael Smith plays an underground abortionist; Aida Turturro plays Sister Mike, a nun and member of the Janes who helps women struggling with abortions for religious reasons; and Grace Edwards plays Joy’s 13-year-old daughter Charlotte.

When’s it out?

Call Jane is out in cinemas on 28th October.

Is there a trailer for Call Jane?

Yes. Watch it below.


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