London’s Spectacular New Year’s Eve Fireworks Are Returning For 2022

When you think of New Year’s Eve in London, your mind inevitably jumps to Big Ben striking 12 and swathes of people being dazzled by the triumphant firework display. Whether you’re huddled up in the crowds at Embankment with a hot drink or have the telly on for the countdown, chances are you catch a glimpse of the show every year.

Only for the last two years, Covid has meant that the fireworks display had to be cancelled in London. 2020 saw the country in lockdown, while rising cases and uncertainties over the virus in 2021 meant cancellations in consecutive years.

In 2022, however, the end of year bang looks to be full steam ahead. Big Ben will chime once more, and the new year of 2023 will be rung in with the first full display since 2019. When the clock strikes midnight, those with tickets can catch the show live, and those at home can catch the spectacle on BBC One and on BBC iPlayer.

How do I attend the New Year’s Eve fireworks in London?

Just like previous years of the fireworks in London, you will need a ticket to attend. As you can imagine, the demand is preeetttty high, so you’ll need to be fast. There’s 100,000 spots up for grabs, with six different spaces you can select to buy your tickets in. They cost £15 and are limited to four-per-purchase.

The first batch of tickets are going on sale on Friday, October 21 at 12pm, with another set released in early December.

Find out more information on the New Year’s Eve fireworks site