This genius claw clip hack will give you the ponytail of your life

Can we talk about our fixation with the claw clip? The obsession is real ever since throwback ‘90s hair reminded us that we’re nothing without the decade’s favourite hair accessory. But another trend we can’t release ourselves from the shackles of is the highest and most voluminous ponytails – perhaps the day Ariana Grande breaks up with hers, we’ll let it go.

Best believe we will go to the depths of the earth to find the best hacks to compete with a JLo and Ari-worthy ponytail. But now, it seems like the combo of our two favourite long-hair trends has collided into one dream situation.

Ariana Grande’s hairstylist Chris Appleton (who also happens to style some of the biggest stars in Hollywood including Kim Kardashian and JLo) has let us in on a few secrets on how to boost the Ari-pony mania. He introduced us to the double ponytail hack, which involves securing your hair into two ponytails, one on top of the other, with the higher ponytail concealing the top of the second one – leaving you with an extra long higher-up ‘snatched’ look.

Well, we’ve recently got word that there is another way of achieving this with an even simpler method, using a single tool — the claw clip. The tutorials are flooding the hair corner of the TikTok timeline, with a seven-second video by user @cerensagtekin racking up 34.3 million views (yes, that many). In the clip, we see a ponytail magically growing in length and volume before our eyes. Users filled the comment section with heart-eye emojis in the thousands and we too were just as mesmerised.

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Granted she has a lot of hair, to begin with, but she did make the style look oh-so-easy – even for those mere mortals with the hairstyling skills of a potato. Want in? Here is a step-by-step guide on how to achieve this ponytail of dreams in seven seconds flat. Give this six-step tutorial a go and let us know if it actually works for you.

Full disclaimer: This works best on longer lengths, so if you want that XXL vibe, maybe consider introducing extensions. 

Step 1: Comb through hair and curl if you’re looking for a flawless waterfall hair finish.

Step 2: Tie your hair very securely and tightly with a strong hair tie on the crown of your head

Step 3: Pull the hairs of the ponytail apart to make it extra secure

Step 4: Split the ponytail horizontally into equal halves  

Step 5: Lift the upper half of the ponytail up and place a claw clip in between the parting

Step 6: Drop the upper half of the ponytail down and voilá 

Having tried ourselves, we reckon this claw clip hack is the less complicated and more elevated version of the OG double ponytail hack. And – bonus – even if you don’t end up with a pony as voluminous as these TikTok babes or Ariana herself, you will most certainly have the most secure ponytail going with minimal drooping. Sounds like a win-win to us…

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