A Time-Warping Back To The Future Exhibition Is Coming To London This November

Stick on your red puffer vest, lace up your vintage Nikes and fasten your seatbelts, the Back In Time exhibition is heading to London’s Camden Market Hawley Wharf this November. No wormholes or flux capacitors required, the unmissable exhibition whisks you through time and space into the world of Marty McFly and Doc Brown. It not only features the largest collection of memorabilia from Back To The Future in Europe, interactive displays and some fascinating behind-the-scenes secrets, but you’ll also get to live out your time-travelling dreams by hopping in a certified replica of the DeLorean itself. The Back In Time Exhibition is a must for any fans of the sci-fi classic, be sure to sign up to the waitlist now to be first through the doors.

We all remember the first time we watched Back To The Future: whether it was plonking down on a plush cinema seat, popcorn in hand, sitting cross-legged in front of the TV as your parent announces you’re about to experience a cinematic rite of passage or catching it through half-lidded eyes on one of ITV’s many midnight reruns. The film franchise is an, ironically timeless, cultural phenomenon and this exhibition will send you on a trip down memory lane with costumes, set pieces, concept drawings, interviews with the cast and crew, and plenty of irresistible photo ops – you’ll want to keep your phone juiced up for your visit that’s for sure.

woman takes picture of people stick their faces through back to the future poster

What can you expect at the Back In Time Exhibition?

Taking over Camden Market Hawley Wharf in a matter of weeks, this nostalgic experience will be a hit with all ages. Believe us, however old you are, you won’t be able to resist channelling your inner Marty Mcfly on the hoverboard, shredding the guitar with a solo at the school dance or ducking into the Delorean to jump through time – though you might prefer donning goggles and a radiation suit to pay tribute to Doc Brown with that last one. We can’t promise any lightning, fire tracks or actual time-travelling (health and safety would have a field day), but your souvenir photo from the time machine will definitely be worthy of pride of place among the family photos on your mother’s wall.

Over the course of 60 minutes, you’ll fall deeper into the wondrous rabbit hole of Back To The Future. There’s even a very familiar pastel-coloured cafe if you get peckish and with over 70 items from the production of the trilogy to lay your eyes on – as well as engaging interviews with the likes of Michael J. Fox, Christopher Lloyd and Steven Spielberg to watch – you’ll never want to leave.

kid and older man walk along a corridor lined with Back To The Future pictures

Fans of the franchise will be completely in their element at this amazing exhibition. Whether you’re one yourself or know someone with framed posters, themed mugs and mini DeLorean models adorning their house, you’ll want to sign up to the waitlist now to ensure you’re among the first through the doors. With Christmas on the horizon, this could also be the perfect festive gift.

Back In Time Exhibition London: A Tribute to Back to the Future – Waitlist