A London Nightclub Inside A Toilet Is Making A Grand Return After 10 Years Out Of The Game

We’re no stranger to a speakeasy bar here in London, but have you ever set foot in one that flushes you to another dimension? Well, if you were of legal drinking age in before 2012 you might just remember a nightclub in London that did just that – on account of the fact that it was disguised as a toilet.

Now, toilets are essential and all, but are they that interesting? This one over in Shoreditch sure bucks a trend, and after closing its doors 10 years old is returning to give the big smoke’s nightlife a figurative kick up the backside.

Public Life, the old Victorian loo-turned-nightclub in Shoreditch, ran in its original guise from 2006-2012, before licensing issues meant it had to pop the engaged sign up on its doors for the final time. Or so it thought.

After lying derelict for the best part of a decade, the WC is making a whirling comeback, and it’s even got a new name. Warmer People present Warmer Room, which will run a monthly club night in the name of dancing in a toilet (something we’ve probably all done before, and can now do among 79 other likeminded individuals).

Image: The Warmer People

Anyone who heads to the lavatory for a boogie will see few changes to its original style, with black and white tiled floors and a ceiling that’s part of Commercial Streets pavement grating. It’ll open up on a monthly basis, kicking off on November 4 with a headline set from Leo Pol. Given the limited capacity and high-levels of intrigue, that one’s already sold out. But, before you kick the sink and scorn “Crap!”, you’ll be pleased to know that you can get more information on the following December event by keeping your eyes on The Warmer People’s Instagram page.

Speaking to Mixmag, co-founder of Warmer People Thom Grant said: “We’ve been organising events in London for a year now, but we decided to do something a bit different.”

“We managed to get a contact and get down there – the place is really cool. It’s got this very Victorian look complete with a Funktion One Soundsystem. The history around it is so interesting, so to revive it was really cool. No one’s played there in over 10 years.”

Find The Warmer Room at 82a Commercial Street, E1 6LY.