Forget Wine, This Camden Restaurant Is Offering Up A Beer And Steak Pairing

We’re all vaguely familiar with the most basic of the ‘wine rules‘, regardless of how much wine we may actually drink, right? If it’s a red meat like beef or lamb, you pair it with red wine. If it’s a white meat like chicken or pork, or if it’s seafood, you pair it with a white wine. I’m pretty sure I was told those rules before I even started drinking. I guess my parents were worried that at the age of 12 I might serve the wrong wine at a dinner party? Additionally restaurants offer up wine pairings, and wine menus can sometimes look like editions of Tolstoy’s War and Peace. But none of that is the case for beer.

Someone pouring some Camden Hells beer from a tap into a glass
Credit: The Black Cow

However, one steak restaurant in Camden is choosing to make their own rules. The Black Cow‘s latest pairing menu doesn’t just do away with the red wine; it does away with the wine completely. To celebrate their first birthday, The Black Cow is launching a limited-time beer and steak pairing menu, from October 17 – November 25, in collaboration with Camden Town Brewery.

The Black Cow

two chefs at the black cow preparing food
Credit: The Black Cow

The Black Cow comes from chef team Shiri Kraus and Amir Batito,  and has built a reputation for their chef’s table style selection of Middle Eastern inspired steaks. Standing out from the London restaurant scene, they’re dedicated to a more personal and intimate vision of London hospitality. Situating their food “halfway between New York and Tel Aviv,” they take the flavours of the American steakhouse and give them a “makeover of all new flavours, colours, and smells.” Steaks are served with a mini bonfire of burning herbs that adds a unique multi-sensory experience to the meal.

The beer and steak pairing

The set beer and steak pairing menu kicks off with a choice between Camden Town Brewery’s classic lager or pale ale, to cleanse the palate whet the appetite. A trio of starters to share, including chicken wings with harissa and lemon, and whitebait with chilli, oregano, and cured lemon, pairs up with the Bellini Lager. The dry finish on the beer and light peach notes draw out the bright, citrusy flavours of the food. To follow, the 45 day dry aged Yeshanim Rump Steak and Home Fries is served with the brewery‘s Goldie Lager. The subtly complex meat is allowed to shine alongside the light, honeyed flavours of the lager, which don’t overpower the steak.

forks and knives cutting into a steak, with a beer in the background, forming part of the beer and steak pairing at the black cow
Credit: The Black Cow

Dessert then comes in the form of The Black Cow’s showstopping Danny dessert – a chocolate cigar with vanilla custard and frozen raspberries. And they’ve got a silly, silly beer to pair it with. The Ice Cream Vanilla Lager provides notes of vanilla and cream, thanks to a new US hop LOTUS. This results in a beer with a sweet, slightly creamy mouthfeel, and vanilla notes that perfectly complement the vanilla custard in the dessert.

The set pairing menu costs £44.90 per person for four 1/2 pint pours of limited edition beers, paired with 3 courses. Extra-thirsty customers can also upgrade their beer offering for an extra £10 total, to get four full pints of beer.

You can find The Black Cow in Camden, at Hawley Wharf, Unit 193, 2nd Floor 3 Camden Lock Place.