7 easy Halloween costumes inspired by your favourite TV shows

I don’t know about you, but I always leave my Halloween costume (opens in new tab) to the very last minute. By the time I make it to the shops, all I’m left with is devil ears or a pumpkin hat, neither of which I wish to wear.

This year, I’ve decided to think outside the box and turn to my favourite TV shows for inspiration. Turns out, these outfits are a lot easier to recreate than you’d think, and are perfect for any Halloween parties you’ve got coming up.

Keep on scrolling for my favourite TV-inspired Halloween costume ideas, and for more inspiration, don’t forget to check out our guide on how to create a Halloween costume with clothes that you already own (opens in new tab).

The best Halloween costume ideas 2022, inspired by your favourite TV shows:

1. Bridgerton

Bridgerton - halloween costume ideas 2022


Who doesn’t love a bit of Bridgerton? It is one of my favourite TV shows, and I can’t get enough of the costumes. All you need to recreate the look is a floral dress and satin gloves. Oh, and if you have a tiara lying around I highly recommend adding that too.

2. Emily in Paris

Emily in Paris - halloween costume ideas 2022


With Season 3 of Emily in Paris (opens in new tab) set to be hitting our screens any day now, it only seems right to recreate one of Emily’s iconic looks this Halloween. I’ve been lusting over this red heart dress for a while, so I’ll happily take any excuse to wear it out with friends.

3. Stranger Things

Stranger Things - halloween costume ideas 2022

Ursula Coyote/Netflix

If, like me, you’ve got a Stranger Things shaped hole in your heart, then join me in dressing up as one of my favourite characters from the show. Millie Bobby Brown’s looks are so simple to recreate, as shown below. All I need now is a fringe…

4. Gossip Girl

Gossip Girl - halloween costume ideas 2022

Getty Images Photo by James Devaney/WireImage 78102215

When I think of Gossip Girl, I always think of Blair Waldorf’s headband and blazer duo. In fact, both of these trends are set to be huge this autumn, so if you’re looking for a trendy Halloween costume, this is the one for you.

5. And Just Like That

And Just Like That - halloween costume ideas 2022

Getty Images Photo by Jose Perez/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images 1243748246

If you’ve been keeping up with our gallery of the best costumes from Season 2 of And Just Like That (opens in new tab), then you’ll know all about Carrie’s grey boiler suit. Although the iconic JW Anderson pigeon-shaped clutch bag might be hard to recreate, the rest of the outfit is easy.

6. Squid Game

Squid Game - halloween costume ideas 2022

Noh Juhan | Netflix

Remember Squid Game? The show was Netflix’s biggest hit, and it’s not hard to see why. If you’ve watched it, then you know all about the blue tracksuits that the contestants have to wear. I’ve found a super similar version, but I recommend sticking a number on the front of the top for the full effect.

7. Inventing Anna

Inventing Anna - halloween costume ideas 2022

Nicole Rivelli/Netflix

If you’ve not seen Inventing Anna yet, then what have you been doing? If you want to recreate the look, all you need is a statement pair of oversized sunglasses and a smart boucle blazer. Luckily I’ve found the perfect one.