London’s Rooftop With Views Over St Paul’s Are Launching A ‘Sabiney Todd’ Bar For Halloween

London rooftop bar aficionados know all about Sabine – the beautiful central London vantage point with beautiful views over St Paul’s Cathedral. It’s enough to entice visitors during any season, but when they can come up with a play on words as good as “Sabiney Todd” for Halloween, you know it’s going to be an extra special week at the sky-high venue.

Given it is Halloween we’re talking about, the superstitious bunch will be pleased to know that Sabiney Todd resides on the seventh floor of Leonardo St Pauls Hotel, and not the unluckier number thirteen six floors above. Either way, jump in the lift and prepare for a frightfully tip-top experience on October 28-31 at the Sabiney Todd bar.

As this is the villainous hairdresser we are talking about, you can expect to see all the Sweeny Todd attire set out. Sip on your Halloween cocktail and take a seat in the barber’s chair while catching a glimpse of the infamous cut throat razor and mincers; and you should have filled up the spooky quota for this year.

Guests are invited to turn up in their finest outfits, so dust off that skeleton costume and paint those faces; Sabine are ready to be spooked the hell out. Those arriving early can even receive a Halloween glow-up from the make-up artists present at the rooftop bar. Though your fellow revellers might send a shiver down your spine with their costumes, you won’t catch the other kind of chill at Sabiney Todd – there’s heated outdoor seats that allow you to take in the view of a ghostly London night and howl at the moon.

Staff are also on hand to waltz around in bloodied aprons and face paint as they hand you the perfectly curated “Sabiney Todd” cocktail. It’s a concoction of maraschino cherry syrup, Angostura Bitters and Crème de Mure; finished off and mixed together with Dead Man’s Finger Spiced Rum and served in a skull mug because of course it is.

Book your space at Sabine here. Find it at 7, 10 Godliman Street, EC4V 5AJ (nearest station is St Paul’s). Sabiney Todd runs from October 28-31.