London Could Be As Hot As Spain This Week With Temperatures Hitting Up To 22°C

London is approaching the winter run – a time filled with ice rinks to twirl on; igloos to huddle up in; and markets to mulled wine. Only, the weather isn’t actually matching the wrap-up-warm vibe that the season relies upon.

Today, London was slated to hit 22°C, matching that of Barcelona. Can’t say that we would have predicted a Spanish climate by this point of the year — in fact, it’s the warmest end to the month that the capital has (cautiously) enjoyed for eight years.

The average maximum temperature for this time of year is 13°C, with the average minimum mercury reading sitting at 7°C. So far, the daytime temperatures have soared well-past both of these figures in recent weeks, and while it may not be quite as unbearable as the summer heatwaves we endured this year, it all does feel a little strange.

Alex Burkill, senior meteorologist at the Met Office, said: “It’s likely to be the warmest spell we’ve had at the end of October since 2014, when we had the warmest Halloween on record.

“There appears to be a warming trend in our Octobers over the recent years, with many of them bringing milder than average spells.”

If the temperature rises to 22°C, which was noted as a possibility by the Met Office, it would match the current temperature in Barcelona, though we can’t brag about having a beach in the city over here, sadly.