New Moving Walkways At Bank Station Will Rapidly Decrease Your Northern To Central Line Commute

There was a time were changing at Bank would strike fear into the hearts of many a commuter, with the prospect of taking on the circuit often feeling insurmountable.

Then, it was announced that three grand, seismic new escalators had been installed in the station on the route between the DLR and Northern lines, shaving an entire nine minutes (Nine! Whole! Minutes! More! In! Bed!) off commute times.

Image: TfL

And, just 15 days later, another big reveal of convenience has been made at Bank Station. Your route between the Northern and Central line is also a speedy breeze, this time thanks to the two new 100-metre moving walkways – giving major airport vibes – and three more escalators.

It’s not Bank Stations first foray into the world of walkways, though. The commuters hub installed the first of its kind on the London Underground, which also happened to be the first in Europe in 1960. Today, it still serves as an exit route from the Waterloo and City line.

The new walkways are the first to be installed on the London Underground since the Millennium, when they were set up at Waterloo station for the Jubilee line extension.

Seb Dance, Deputy Mayor for Transport said: “This new interchange route will make journeys quicker and easier for people changing between the Northern and Central lines – it signals the next step in improvements as Bank station continues its transformation into a modern, accessible station in the heart of the city.

“There are still more upgrades to come and once completed Bank will have 40 per cent more capacity, contributing to the Mayor’s aim to build a better, safer and more prosperous London for all.”