The Ally Pally Fireworks Festival Is Back To Light Up London’s Skyline This Weekend

With a venue as iconic as Alexandra Palace, and its 196 acres of land, a fireworks festival is no small-time affair. Sure, they could just scatter attendees around the grounds, let off a few hundred fireworks, and call it a day. But that’s nowhere near enough for the team behind the Ally Pally Fireworks Festival. They want more, and they know you want more too.

A ufo light installation in the grounds of the ally pally fireworks festival
Credit: Lloyd Winters

On November 5, Alexandra Palace’s grounds will be completely taken over by a night-time, fair-time, fireworks-watching, food-scoffing, beat-blasting, ice-skating, movie-watching, beer-swilling, festival of epic proportions. They’re properly living up to their Glastonbury comparisons with outdoor live music, DJs, and street food spread around the grounds. There’s also a full on funfair to keep the kids entertained. And hot off of hitting up summer festivals, Pride, and playing in Ibiza, Gok Wan MBE will be headlining the DJ bill.

The fun fair at the ally pally fireworks festi
Credit: Lloyd Winters

But wait, there’s more…

Inside Alexandra Palace itself there’s even more happening (somehow) than outside! The Palace will feature an ice rink for skaters to enjoy, where an ice disco will also take place. The Great Hall will play host to the UK’s largest German Bier Festival, where Elvis himself (okay, a tribute act) will be performing. Meanwhile, the Palace’s own cinema will be showing a host of family-friendly, and less family-friendly, flicks throughout the evening. Just be sure to check which particular movie you’re about to enjoy if you’ve got kids with you!

The ice rink at the ally pally fireworks festival, with green and purple lighting lighting the blurry figures skating along the ice
Credit: Lloyd Winters

And, of course, there’s the legendary fireworks display itself lighting up the skyline to a carefully curated playlist. Wouldn’t be the Ally Pally Fireworks Festival without the namesake fireworks after all, would it? There will also be a massive bonfire, and fire shows that’ll have you checking your eyebrows haven’t been singed off.

A performer spinning a wheel of fire in front of them
Credit: Lloyd Winters

Simon Fell, Alexandra Palace’s Fireworks Festival director, said:

“We cannot wait to welcome everyone to this year’s Fireworks Festival. We’re going big, with a packed programme featuring all the classics, a sensational display, massive bonfire, plus plenty of extras we add on to bring a proper festival vibe.”

Tickets have sold out for the event, though you’ll no doubt catch a glimpse of them if you’re out and about in north London over the weekend! Find more details at the link.