Big Ben Will Bong Once Again On Remembrance Sunday After Five Years

For five years, Big Ben has been receiving a lovely restoration job, which has seen it largely out of action. For most of this time, London’s famous old clock has remained silent, with a few exceptions; it let out it’s grand old bongs for New Year’s Eve 2021, for example.

One of Big Ben’s main responsibilities is chiming on Remembrance Sunday, paying tribute to all those who fell in battle. The bulk of the restoration work was complete in December last year, which came slightly too soon for Armistice Day (Friday, November 11) and Remembrance Sunday (November 13), but this year, Big Ben will bong for the first time on this day for five years.

The big bongs of Big Ben will then continue their usual service; after the times were set to Daylight Saving hours for the first time since restoration work began on the tower . Anyone at the Remembrance service at Westminster will be able to hear the chimes of Big Ben as the Elizabeth Tower makes its grand return.

House of Commons Sir Lindsay Hoyle said: “Big Ben’s bongs will once again return to our national soundtrack on Armistice Day and Remembrance Sunday, striking 11 times to mark the start of the two minutes’ silence.”

This marks the end of Big Ben’s largest restoration project in its 163 year history. The Victorian mechanism was adapted and scaffolding that covered the tower has come down in stages since December last year.