13 Best Light-Up Mirrors In 2022 To Upgrade Your Makeup Routine

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Ready for your close-up? Scroll down to see our edit of the best light up mirrors to shop now…

Best light-up mirror with a motion sensor

HoMedics Beauty Mirror with Approach Sensor

Why we love it: This double-sided motion sensor mirror has one natural reflection view and a seven times magnified side for close-up needs such as applying eyeliner or tweezing your eyebrows. It boasts a rotating dimmer switch for variable lighting intensity, so you can amp things up in the winter and tone them down in the summer. It’s as sleek as it is functional, so it gets our seal of approval. The soft halo lighting is flattering and true-to-life, and the reflection is glare-free if you’re applying makeup in sunlight.

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Best travel-friendly light-up mirror

Tweezerman Adjustable Lighted Mirror

Why we love it: This light up mirror has been designed with three light settings, so you can see how you’d look in day light, evening light and indoor light. It’s simple to switch between the three, making makeup application a breeze, and the mirror is super clear from edge to edge with no distortion. It’s amazing to see what you’d look like in warm and cool toned light before heading out of the house – ‘cos you can ensure your makeup look will look great whether you’re in the office or on a dinner date.

Best light-up mirror with 5x magnification

BROADCARE Lighted Makeup Vanity Mirror

Why we love it: For a softer option, this mirror replicates a more natural, diffused light. And it couldn’t be easier to use. The light simply switches on and off, and it’s charged through a USB cable. The solid, compact design makes this mirror perfectly portable. No longer will you need to seek out reflective surfaces on those weekends away.

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Best light-up mirror with 7x magnification

ruimio Light LED Make-up Mirror with 7x Magnification and Suction Cup

Why we love it: Looking good from every angle is easy thanks to this magnifying mirror’s full surround lighting and a 360 degree swivel suction base. Plus, it has 7X magnification, so you can get up close and personal with those pores. Who needs a dressing table when this mirror can attach onto larger mirrors, shower walls, and even doors?

Best light-up mirror with Bluetooth connectivity

iHome 9″ Double-sided Vanity Mirror with Bluetooth

Why we love it: This mirror has speakers that can connect to your phone via bluetooth to play your favourite songs and it also has a USB charger port. One side is a normal mirror with LED lights and the other side is 7 times magnified. Oh, and it has a speakerphone button that connects to Siri via bluetooth – in case you need to ask Siri to skip the free U2 album you didn’t want. This iMirror sounds also sounds pretty cool for when you’re getting ready to go out – if only Apple would up their game and release a real iMirror.

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