Eurostar Are Selling Tickets To Paris And Amsterdam For Just £29 Right Now

Ahh, there’s nothing quite like a trip to Paris as the spring morphs into summer, is there? In a handy attempt to put the sunshine into your season, Eurostar have released a load of tickets to the continent, all at wallet-friendly prices. You’ll need to be speedy to get your hands on a sneaky getaway though, as the sale only only runs while tickets last!

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Consider my wanderlust officially piqued! Eurostar have released thousands of tickets to Paris (they’ve now reintroduced their direct to Disneyland route!), Brussels, Rotterdam and Amsterdam, for the low, low price of just £29 each way. Tickets are on sale now, and the flash sale covers trips until February 2023.

The tickets are being snapped up as we speak, but a decent rummage around will yield those £29 gems – routes are currently looking rosy for the majority months, though we’re sure that could change very soon! Have a peek around and book your getaway for the winter season.

Paris Eurostar Sale
Photo: John Towner

Alternatively, you could opt for a one-way ticket and start a new life in Paris – in which case, may oui suggest these helpful people? These Eurostar tickets tend to disappear quicker than the train itself, so let spontaneity be your guide and book yourself in while the going’s good!

Hurry! The flash sale ends tomorrow (November 10)

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