Kim Cattrall Gives Iconic Winners’ Speech At GLAMOUR’s Women Of The Year Awards

Kim Cattrall truly lived up to her Queen status at the 2022 GLAMOUR Women of the Year Awards. The actor, who was presented with the Screen Icon award in recognition of her five-decade career in TV and film, gave a speech that only Kim Cattrall could give – reminding us that she continues to set the ultimate example for women to be unapologetically true to themselves.

“It’s so good to be home,” she began, referencing her UK birthplace. “This is what happens when you go where you’re celebrated and not where you’re tolerated.” Let that sink in a second.

She continued: “I have been an actor, working in film, television and theatre for over 50 friggin’ years. I’ve played senators, queens, presidents, trailer park mums, and vampires. I started as a young ingenue, now I’m the senior actor on the set… But I can still rock this dress.”

(ICYMI – Kim was glowing in a black strapless mini dress.)

“Representation is validation. If people find empowerment in any character that I have helped to create, then my job has been successful. In these uncertain times – as my adopted country is deciding its future as we speak – we need strong female role models. As an actor and now a tough-ass producer, I am eager and committed to sharing those female stories. I hope you’ll all be watching and cheering us on.”

Sounds like we can expect yet more inspiring work from Kim, who is a beacon of female empowerment both on and off-screen. For many, she will always be Sex And The City‘s Samantha Jones, who is radically sexually free without shame – though she has always proudly spoken of how her choice to walk away from that role was hugely powerful for her.

Ahead of the awards, Kim spoke to GLAMOUR’s Editor-In-Chief and European Editorial Director, Deborah Joseph, about her experiences as a woman.

“I experience [misogyny] every day,” she said, “especially when I’m by myself. But when I’m with my partner, other men know I have back up – and I hate it that, even these times, this is still the case. I get treated differently when I’m with a man, especially my partner.

“It’s very condescending that, as women, we’re still treated differently, especially at work. I want to have a conversation. I have 50 years’ experience, I have something to give, which is beneficial to the end result. But change takes a long time. And misogyny isn’t something that happens occasionally. It’s prevalent and it’s hurtful.”

And her words of wisdom on the red carpet at GLAMOUR’s Women Of The Year Awards? “I call people who are anti-feminist philistines.” Say it louder, Kim!