London’s First Ever Caviar Café And Deli Is Arriving Next Month

When asked to name the definition of ‘fancy food’, there’s a good chance many a mind gravitates towards caviar. Typically enjoyed as an expensive garnish—often alongside a glass of Champagne at those ostentatious and inexplicably full airport bars you catch a glance of as you rush past, late for your flight—by those looking to try the finer things in life, the spread of fish eggs have quite the reputation.

And now, London is getting is getting its first ever Caviar Café and Deli – so if you happen to wonder in and do a double take: don’t worry. That is the price of caviar, not your regular flat white order skyrocketing in price (yet).

But who is behind this new concept? Petrossian. The caviar connoisseurs are well-versed in this field, having been around for over a century in the city of love; so it’s a good thing that the Paris collective are arriving in London just as the calendars turn the page into December to provide us with some fine culinary libation over Christmas.

From December 1, frequenters of South Kensington can swap the cured meats and cheese for some fine caviar when the deli and boutique opens its doors. The café, promising cult dishes—croque caviar, foie gras, smoked fish platters, king crab salad—and an outdoor terrace won’t arrive until January 2023, but there’s plenty to amuse yourselves with until the whole shebang is complete.

Image: Rosanne de Vries, Shutterstock

Taste smoked salmon sliced before your eyes and indulge in some fresh tamara before tackling the caviar, guided by expert staff to help your caviar journey move along swimmingly. Then, you can make a beeline for their shop where you’ll find hampers, dining accessories and luxury Christmas crackers.

Petrossian has been around since 1920 with its first site opening on Boulevard de Latour-Maubourg in Paris; and the still-family-owned business founded by brother Melkoum and Mouchegh Petrossian knows a thing or two about the art of caviar. Today, you’ll see the name in NYC Brussels, Las Vegas, and West Hollywood; with South Kensington next up on the list.

Petrossian opens as a Deli and Boutique on December 1, with the café arriving in January 2023