Inner Circle Is Helping Londoners Meet Their Match With Epic Winter Singles Parties

Is finding that special someone high on your winter wishlist this year? Chances are you’re not alone. The London dating scene can be tricky at the best of times, and it’s natural to grow tired of the endless scrolling and swiping.

But this sprawling city is full to the brim with singles, just waiting to meet the one. And with Inner Circle, you can link up with like-minded people from all over London. This off-line focussed dating app is all about those IRL meetings. That means once you’ve found a match, the app will help you to get a date lined up so the real fun can start. Wave goodbye to meaningless messaging and say hello to romance!

inner circle winter singles parties girls selfie

The next step is working out where to meet. And if you need some help picking a venue, look no further than the Inner Circle app ‘spots’ feature. Carefully curated by Inner Circle members, this hand-picked list of bars and restaurants will help you plan an unforgettable first date. You can even check out your fave spots on the app and connect with other people who love it too. If that’s not a recipe for the perfect first encounter we don’t know what is…

If you’re keen to catch someone’s eye from across the room, an Inner Circle dating event is just the ticket. These expert match makers are also known for throwing some seriously epic singles parties. So you can spice up your winter plans with everything from underground house parties to rooftop cocktail classes. Trust us, whatever your ideal meet-cute looks like, there’s an Inner Circle event that will float your boat.

inner circle winter singles parties

We should also mention, with Inner Circle there’s no need to worry about stepping into the unknown. Every new member is verified by a team of real people, who’re making sure only those with the best intentions are allowed in. So you can focus all of your energy into getting yourself out there and letting the sparks fly!