30 Places Londoners Would Go If It Was Their Last Ever Day In London

Yes, it’s a cruel question and a thought we’d all rather not entertain. In fact, many of us probably swear we won’t EVER leave London for good. But imagine you had one last day in London before leaving *forever*. One last chance to eat your favourite local meal, to visit your favourite places around town. Just give it some thought.

If it was really time to go, how would you make your last hours in the city count? We asked Londoners exactly that, and here’s what they said.

Many were appalled by this outrageous question and simply in denial:

Where would you go if it was your last day in London?

1. I would walk and cry!

2. To a place where no one could find me, so I wouldn’t have to leave London at all

3. Oh God! Too hard!!!

4. Difficult question!

5. To the embassy to apply for a Visa extension

6. To a pub. And I’ll get so drunk that I’ll miss my train and I’ll stay forever in London.

Sorry, guys.

Others took this opportunity to bash our lovely transport system and airports, because travelling tends to take up most of a last day. We’ll admit they raise some good points…

7. Heathrow Airport, obviously

8. Not the Tube

Some people begrudgingly accepted their fate and shared where they would go to spend their last day in London:

9. A walk along the South Bank during golden hour, then watch the sunset at Tower Bridge

London sunset

10. Camden Town

11. Sky Garden

12. Borough Market

People clearly love our gorgeous parks:

13. A long walk and picnic in Hyde Park

14. Hampstead Heath walk and grab a coffee in the coffee shop around this quirky neighbourhood

15. Primrose Hill

16. St James’s Park

17. Kensington

Then there were some rather specific choices…

18. The Harry Potter Shop at Platform 9 3/4

19. The nearest pie & mash shop

20. The Ritz for a delightful spot of afternoon tea

This one led to a heated debate on whether or not it would be worth it…

21. London Eye as I still haven’t been on it

22. To the Royal Observatory in Greenwich, and would sit down somewhere at the park to watch over the Old Royal Navy College and the Thames

This person didn’t give a clear answer, but obviously can’t stand Soho…

23. Certainly not to Soho

This person is a Londoner after my own heart…

24. Wherever on that day had a food market. I always love food when I’m in London

This person really knows how to make the hours count 🍾

25. The champagne bar at St Pancras Station

26. I’d go to Little Venice and walk along the canal

Don’t forget to grab some goodies for the ride…

27. A walk in St. James’s Park, a quick visit (and probably purchase some macaroons) to Fortnum & Mason, then lunch at Cafe Pacifico in Covent Garden followed by a West End musical, then cocktails at the American Bar in the Savoy and dinner at the Ivy!

This person gave their final itinerary much thought, even taking their stamina into account…

28. I would set off early in the morning for a walk around the City then make my way from St Paul’s Cathedral and keep walking the streets of London, down Fleet Street and The Strand. Immerse myself in the wonders of the British Museum. Have lunch somewhere around Covent Garden. Then the National Portrait Gallery and if my stamina holds up, the National Gallery. Finally I would make my way to the Embankment and sit quietly on a “special” seat in view of the Houses of Parliament.

This person has sadly already left…

29. Whispering Gallery at St Paul’s, then across the Millennium Bridge to the Tate Modern. That’s what I did on my last day out before I left London

And finally, this person sums up our feelings pretty well:

30. I would just walk everywhere & soak in the sights. Go to a few pubs, watch a show in the West End & enjoy every last minute in that wonderful city. Love London.

We hope you don’t ever have to leave ❤️

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