Swap Your Pre-loved Clothing For Free Beer Today (If You’re Quick!)

Sorting out your wardrobe as winter creeps in? As we store away our spring and summer ‘fits to make room for big woolly jumpers and thick layers to survive the colder climes, there might be a few items of clothing that deserve a better home so the love you previously had for them can continue on. Luckily, the Camden Chilly TRAID Off might be able to help… plus there’s a cold, refreshing beer in it for you.

Here to help avoid those pre-loved garms going to landfill, Camden Town Brewery has partnered with clothes waste charity TRAID for the launch of its Camden Chilly TRAID Off. The nationwide tour allows consumers to swap their pre-loved clothes for a can of Camden’s new winter seasonal: Chilly, Cold IPA – so you can do your bit to save clothes from going to landfill and be rewarded with a refreshing drink in the process. And today’s the day for Londoners looking to swap pre-loved garms for free beers – so grab that box of clothes you’ve been meaning to donate to the local charity shop, and head on down to the Camden Beer Hall.

woman giving coat in exchange for camden chilly beer
Credit: Camden Town Brewery

Touring Manchester, Leeds and London from November 15-17, Camden and TRAID will be stationing their van at the heart of each city, ready for consumers to come down and donate any unworn or pre-loved clothing this Chilly season. Encouraging consumers to shop more sustainably this winter the Camden Chilly TRAID Off aims to freeze out waste, while giving people good beer for a good cause.

Research from TRAID has found that 300,000 tonnes of clothing end up in landfill every year in the UK – of which it is estimated 40% is in reusable condition. Camden is encouraging Brits to take another look at the estimated 1.6 billion pieces of unworn clothing in their wardrobes this winter and think about how we shop as we head towards the festive period.

Two women sat with cans of camden chilly cold ipa
Credit: Camden Town Brewery

Chilly by name and not by nature, Camden’s new Cold IPA gets its name from a new hybrid brewing style rather than its serving temperature (which is between 5-7℃ if you’re wondering). Brewed with Camden’s original lager yeast but at a warmer temperature, Chilly has refreshing flaked rice, wheat for haze and mouthfeel, and new world hops for big, fruity flavour and frosty freshness.

Originally launched as part of Camden’s Arch55 series, the Cold IPA proved to be extremely popular, and is a style that beer lovers are falling in love with. Sold in 440ml cans with an ABV of 6%, this beer is only around for a seasonal cold spell – so consumers will need to act fast and head down to the Camden Chilly TRAID Off for fresh beer and a wardrobe refresh.

Line of people exchanging clothes for beer at camden chilly traid off van
Credit: Camden Town Brewery

Jose Baladron, TRAID’s Recycling Development Manager, said:

“We’re delighted to be partnering with Camden Town Brewery to keep clothes in use for longer. Our wardrobes are full of clothes we no longer wear or need and extending the life of the clothes we already have is one of the most environmentally beneficial things we can do to reduce our waste, water and carbon footprints.”

You’ll have to act quickly to take advantage of the trade, though, as it’s only for today.